6 Common Mobility Home Renovations in Ottawa

If you need to make your home more accessible for you, a senior loved one or another family member who’s experiencing limitations with mobility, can help make any adjustments you need. If you’re unsure what these home renovations involve, here are some of the most common mobility renovations in Ottawa to consider.

Widening Doorways

Doorways can become a major hindrance if you or your loved one depends on a wheelchair, especially in older homes. If a wheelchair or walker is a bit too wide to fit through the doorway, we can help to
resize the entrance and add a few more inches of space.

Ramp Installations

Ramps are one of the most common mobility renovations we complete. While this type of renovation isn’t major, if your front porch and exterior are uniquely situated, we can find a viable solution to install a ramp and rails so you or your loved one can enter and exit safely.

Lowering Countertops

Making the kitchen more accessible is essential to perform daily tasks without limitations. This type of renovation can involve lowering the countertops and cabinets, rearranging appliances to make it easier to reach them, and placing the sink and stovetop at a lower level too.

6 Common Mobility Home Renovations in Ottawa

Adjusting the Bathroom

The bathroom can require several adjustments to make grooming and bathing easier as well. This can involve a lower vanity and sink, grab bars, a step-in shower with grab bars and a seat, and a raised toilet seat with handles.

Accessible Closets

Getting dressed can be a challenge when clothing is hung up too high in the closet. Storing items in dressers is always an option, but some clothing may still need to be hung up. In this case, an accessible closet can help with lower rods and shelving that are located only a few feet from the floor.


If you have carpet and rugs throughout the home, this can create hazardous situations for tripping, and it can also make it harder to move around with a wheeler or walker. New flooring that’s either hardwood, ceramic tile or vinyl is a much better option to eliminate those risks and hazards.

If you need mobility home renovations in Ottawa, our team at can make it happen. Get in touch with us today, or call us at (613) 727-9427 to learn more about our services, rates and how we can help make your home more accessible.

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