6 Design Trends to Get Behind

Over the past year, our homes have become our safe haven and sanctuary. And with so much time spent in it, many of us have started to reassess and consider new ways to make it more enjoyable, beautiful and fulfilling for our everyday needs. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create a space that’s more conducive for work, play and relaxation, we’ve gathered some of the top design trends to get behind in 2021. Check them out below.

The Ultimate At-Home Office Nook

Gone are the days when the at-home work culture was reserved for a marginal group. Today, having a practical and organized office nook at home is essential. With so much going on throughout the course of this pandemic, many of us have been forced to reshuffle our lives almost instantly, which lead to makeshift office setups sprawled across kitchen tables or random corners of a room where a desk could fit. But now as we come to accept our more indefinite reality, it’s time to consider some unique ways to create a more comfortable and productive workspace at home. Even if you’re limited on space, there are many smart solutions that exist today, such as floating desks and shelves, that can transform any chaotic and messy setup into an organized and professional one. Renovating the basement or even the garage into an office space are becoming increasingly popular options as well.

Cottage At Home

After being cooped up for more than a year amid the chaos of life lately, we’re all craving more comfort from the outdoors. As a result,
cottagecore designs are booming, and they’re likely here to stay. This initially started off as a minor, minimalistic trend but has since blossomed into one of the most sought-after styles today. It combines dainty vintage décor with splashes of pastels and floral prints and elegant touches that add just enough modern flare. If you’ve been thinking of ways to brighten up your space and tap into those happier days spent by the lake, consider the rustic and chic charm of the cottage-core aesthetic. Even if you’re nowhere near cottage country, you can bring a splash of that blissful nostalgia into your home with a fun remodeling project.

Spa-like Bathroom Upgrade

One area of the home that’s been under the spotlight for design upgrades this past year is the
bathroom. Instead of having it as merely a functional room, more homeowners are taking the time to transform it into a purposeful space that can also serve as a luxurious spa-like getaway. This includes modernizing it with heated floors, a glass enclosed shower, soaker tub, floating vanities and more. If you’ve been missing those pampering sessions at the spa, create your own peaceful retreat at home with luxe and sophisticated features like rain showerheads, wood accents, and playful patterns.

Basement Upgrades

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, homeowners are also investing and upgrading areas of the home that were typically neglected in the past. This includes the basement. Whether it’s a home office, a den for the kids to play, a home gym, a yoga and meditation space or a games room and bar, the
basement renovation trend in Ottawa has never been hotter. With the whole family stuck at home together, making use of every square inch just makes sense!

Home Additions

With the housing market on fire and the pandemic still at large, many people who were initially considering a move are deciding to stay put instead of taking on the chaotic and expensive process. As a result,
home additions projects are surging this year. A home addition is by no means a minor project or investment to take on. However, the long-term benefits can far outweigh the upfront costs and effort, especially if you love your current home and location and don’t want to move. Some of the most common home additions in Ottawa that we’ve seen over the past year include sunrooms and garage conversions, adding on a second story, and creating bump-outs that expand on an existing room, like the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen with Touchless Features

Remodeling the kitchen is always a hot topic and a priority when it comes to upgrading the home. This year,
kitchen renovations in Ottawa are predominantly focused on simplistic, minimalistic designs that maximize storage, efficiency and functionality to help make life a little easier. Modern, practical features like a walk-in pantry with plenty of organized storage space is a dominant focal point. Smart tech upgrades and touchless faucets are also favorite features this year as hand washing and hygiene remain top of mind for many of us. has you covered for all of your home renovation in Ottawa. If you’re planning a project and want to implement any of these design trends, get in touch with us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 to discuss your ideas and we’ll help put your plans into action.  

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