6 Predicted Home Renovation Trends

This year’s top home renovation trends focus on utilizing space more efficiently, adding more sustainable elements to designs, and creating enhanced accessibility for all. Here we’ll look at the top renovation projects that homeowners are planning to undertake this year to help give you some inspiring design ideas when planning your next reno.

Sustainable Kitchens

This year, sustainable and eco-friendly elements are taking center stage throughout kitchen reno designs. But this latest green trend isn’t just focused on implementing natural cabinetry and countertops. It will also trickle down into other elements including natural or bio-based paint, and even the type of flooring used. Think recycled glass and quartz countertops, terracotta tiling, reclaimed timber, bamboo cabinets, and cork flooring to swap out. Eco lighting and energy-efficient LEDs will also take precedence throughout the home as well as swapping out older appliances for Energy Star® ones instead.

Secondary Living Spaces

Basement renos used to be primarily focused on adding more storage space or an extra room for the kids to play and hang out. But now as property prices reach unprecedented levels, current homeowners are striving to find ways to maximize living space instead of moving into larger and more expensive homes. First time home buyers with high mortgage payments are also getting more creative with their unfinished basement to try to increase their property value and bring in some additional income. By tearing down walls and creating an open concept floor plan, you can form a sizable rental space even in a rather small basement. Those with larger basement areas can get even more functionality by splitting the area into separate rooms – a full guest suite that includes a bedroom and bathroom, and another space for entertaining or storage. Even those looking to move are seeing the benefit of adding a guest room or secondary living space in the basement to significantly increase the value of their home.

Minimalistic Bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom, bright, minimalistic, and natural designs are among the most predicted home renovation trends this year. Natural wood features, granite counters, rimless edging along the sink and oversized faucets are some elements to consider. Minimalistic designs are all about removing the excess and focusing on the core elements that you need and love. Just remember that less is more.

Extended Kitchen Spaces

Beyond updating your materials and fixtures, few people think about adding more space in the kitchen. In fact, it’s a rather easy operation if you have extra dining or living room space that’s connected and rarely used. Extending the kitchen area to include unique features like a spice kitchen for cooking aromatic meals in, or an extended pantry and wet bar can give you more functionality, especially if you love to cook and entertain. Another popular kitchen addition idea for this year includes a flex room for the kids to play in while you cook so you can keep an eye on them.

Accessibility Spaces

As more and more boomers reach their golden years, the trend for aging in place is on the rise. Home renovations that transform rooms into safer, more accessible spaces are becoming increasingly popular. By making these sorts of adjustments now, seniors can stay in their homes for much longer while remaining comfortable and safe. The most common transitions include widening doorways for wheelchair access, adding master suites to ground floor spaces, adding ramps to entranceways, lowering cabinets and countertops, removing bathtub walls and leveling out showers, and adding stairlifts along the stairwell.


Often referred to as a modern-day porch, sunrooms help make the long winter months a little more bearable. Thanks to advanced technology and materials, sunrooms offer a unique way to enjoy the scenic outdoors right from the comfort of your home. With an airtight build, homeowners can sit and enjoy their morning coffee or just relish in the sunshine at any time of the year. There are many different styles to choose from, and contractors today can work with your existing structure and design to create a customized solution that integrates perfectly with your interior.

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