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6 Reasons to Get Behind the Minimalistic Design Trend

From the interior design world to graphic design – minimalism is taking over in a big way, and for good reason. Focusing on space and simplicity, it can be seen just about everywhere. Today, it’s becoming more deeply embedded in our modern lifestyle as it teaches us how to curb excess clutter while learning to use and appreciate more of what we have. This concept promotes simple living in our everyday lives, encouraging us to choose and purchase only what we need and use on a regular basis while lessening our waste and footprint on the environment. To learn more about this modern way of living, here are a few key reasons to get behind the minimalistic design trend, and how to adapt it into your everyday life.

Tell Me More About This Minimalistic Lifestyle

As mentioned, minimalism is all about promoting a simpler way of living. It aims to encourage people to think more about their decisions on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean throwing away everything you own and having a boring, muted interior. It’s about learning to create more space, both physically and mentally, so we can appreciate what we do have. Designing a minimalistic home can offer many different benefits that can actually help to improve your own quality of life. Specifically, when it comes to designing your home interior, it’s all about incorporating pieces of furniture that are quality made and will last. Here’s how this can benefit you:

Keeps Your Home Organized

Staying organized is a common struggle for many of us – especially as we try to juggle what feels like a never-ending list of tasks during our busy days. But with less ‘stuff’ crowding your environment, it becomes so much easier to place items away in their proper places, which makes organization a practical and easy concept to achieve. Simply put, with less junk and clutter in the way, you can store items where they should be and locate them without having to tear the house apart or stressing out during the process.

More Breathing Room

Aside from cluttered homes looking untidy and unwelcoming, they’re also not good for our wellbeing. Studies have shown a correlation between living in clutter and negative impacts on our mental health. Whether it’s piles of clothing stuffed in the closets, junk in the drawers, or too much furniture and items consuming the floor space, a cluttered home environment can have a big influence on how we feel in a daily basis. It increases feelings of anxiety and depression, reduces our energy levels and our ability to focus, and can promote chronic stress.  Many of us are guilty of having items around the home that are never touched or used, but we often cling to for their sentimental value or comfort. Letting go of the excess which doesn’t serve you any good or useful purpose can create a healthier home environment overall. Dejunking creates more space in your home, improves airflow, eliminates negative energy, and gives you more room to breathe and relax at home.

Easy to Keep Clean

Did we mention how much easier it is to keep your home clean? It’s true! This is one of our favourite reasons for adopting a minimalistic lifestyle and design. With ample storage for what you need, and less junk strewn across tabletops, cleaning becomes quick and easy. You won’t have to dedicate your entire weekend to catch up on house chores from the busy week. And since you’ll only have what you love and need, you won’t have to fuss about stuffing items in drawers, only to have to deal with that “hidden” mess at a later time. 

Finding Things is so Much Easier

When you need to find the keys, important documents, or the strainer for spaghetti night, you can pinpoint where they are in a pinch. This makes dinner prep time and even busy mornings so much easier when you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for.

Less Impact on the Environment

Minimalism and environmentalism go hand in hand. In fact, it’s one of the main driving forces for this way of living. And today, homeowners are more eager than ever to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, and that includes their home design. A minimalistic home is less wasteful as it encourages us to think twice about our actions as consumers. It also helps us spend less and save more.

When you’re ready to adopt a minimalistic design in your home, contact us or give the Renos Group a call at (613)727-9427   From the kitchen to bathroom to everything in between – our experts can help you design and transform your home with quality workmanship that you can count on.

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