7 Creative Ways to Improve Your Kitchen with Renovations

Ottawa home owners seek kitchen renovations for many purposes, from sheer aesthetics to a need for more space or storage. Here are seven creative ways to improve your kitchen with renovations:

1. Add an Island

When you are in desperate need of a more functional kitchen an island can resolve a number of issues. You can gain plenty of much needed work space, add a place to sit and chat with a few bar stools and can even add appliances such as a cook top, dishwasher or sink. An island is truly one of the best ways to add storage and make a disjointed kitchen more functional.

2. Update your Counters

Updating kitchen counters are perfect simple upgrade renovation that home owners love. Granite is ever popular but there are a number of stunning, less expensive, man-made materials you can choose as well.

New counter tops are a simple and affordable way to improve the look of your kitchen while providing maintenance free work surfaces that will last.

3. Cabinet Re-facing

Not everyone knows that you don’t need to replace all of your counters for a new kitchen look, instead you can always choose cabinet re-facing. Cabinet re-facing is a great way to give your kitchen the face lift it needs without the expensive price tag or the large mess.

4. Reconfiguration

Some kitchens can prove to be terribly dysfunctional and poorly planned. Having a bad kitchen layout can make it impossible to cook without bumping into someone or something. A good kitchen layout can not only make your kitchen more stylish and functional but can also increase the value of your home. Although simple upgrades can be nice some kitchens require an entire overhaul.

5. Backsplash and Flooring

If you are generally happy with your kitchen’s layout and cabinets but feel it needs a little more flare, a new back splash in hand with new flooring can help tie-in your surfaces well together. With good counter tops as a jumping off point you can create a more finished look that will make you smile while you are cooking.

6. Finishing Touches

Even the newest of kitchens can sometimes appear unfinished if you haven’t paid attention to the finite details. Adding recessed cabinet lighting, perfectly matched handles, stunning chandeliers, shiny new sinks, and of course new appliances completes a kitchen with beautiful finishing touches.

7. The Whole Nine Yards

Everyone wants their dream home, and by starting with renovating your kitchen you’re taking one more step closer to your dream. Kitchen renovations give you a complete new look from top to bottom custom designed for your taste and budget.

Seven kitchen renovations Ottawa homeowners can opt for from simple to complicated.  To reach out, schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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