7 Design Trends in Outdoor Furniture

The sunny summer days are here, but we all know they don’t last long. That’s why Canadians are always eager to soak up as much of the pleasant weather as possible by taking full advantage of the backyard. Whether it’s family barbeques, pool parties or just lounging in the sun, we’ve rounded up the top design trends in outdoor furniture 2019 so you can fully embrace the sunshine as you please.

Wicker Sofas

Rustic style, wooden sofas are a popular staple for patio season this year. Wicker, teak or even faux teak have that sultry beachy look that just screams summertime lounging. This style is perfect for an extended sunroom or just stretching out on the porch with friends and family since these chunky sofas can accommodate more people. Add on your favourite cushions and throw for a splash of colour.

Retro Mish Mash

You read that right! Retro styles are always a popular design trend, and now, you can mix and combine different pieces and materials to create a colourful and funky outdoor space. Think 80s and 90s style furniture with unique shapes, bold colours like orange and blue, and big fluffy pillows to tie it all together.

Lights, Lights & More Lights

Any cozy, comfy, and inviting outdoor setting is often created by the strategic use of lighting. No matter what furniture you decide to include in your outdoor space, to devise an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere, the lighting you choose really counts. Whether it’s string lights, garden lights, lanterns or even candles, consider how you can incorporate more light into your space to design the perfect outdoor nook that you can enjoy well into those warm summer nights.

Simple & Lightweight

Minimalism has been sweeping throughout the interior design world this year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But beyond the interior of the home, this decluttered lifestyle is naturally being infused throughout the exterior as well. Simple, lightweight patio pieces are increasingly popular as a result, with small basic tables, chairs and cushions to set the stage. This is especially useful for those with limited space since you can conveniently move everything around and store furniture away whenever you need to.

Hammocks & Hanging Chairs

If you have neighbouring trees that permit or an alfresco dining area, you can embrace this boho-style trend in outdoor furniture this year. You can find an array of sumptuous hanging wicker chairs, outdoor fabrics, and cozy hammocks that are durable, hardy and perfect for lounging in the sunshine with your favourite beverage, book – or both.

Multi-Functional, Modular Furniture

With the desire to easily accommodate guests, friends and family, more homeowners are flocking to modular style furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. Couches can be moved apart and rearranged if needed, coffee tables can provide stools for extra seating, and bench seating can offer extra storage to tuck away the cushions. This versatile style is one of the hottest growing trends this year for both exterior and interior living.

Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Though retro and rustic are still among the favourites, the ultra-modern style is always a popular hit, combining a variety of geometric shapes and patterns. Vibrant colours, over-sized asymmetrical shapes and chic, contemporary pieces create unique, eye-catching statement pieces that are definite show-stoppers for 2019.
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