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7 Surprising Things to Consider During Your Bathroom Renovation

There are many reasons why Ottawa homeowners decide it’s time for a bathroom renovation. Maybe they want to upgrade an outdated bathroom, improve the functionality of the space, create more storage, accommodate changing family needs, or increase the value of the home. No matter the reason, here are seven surprising things you should keep in mind when renovating your bathroom:


The Importance of Prioritization

When planning a bathroom renovation, it can be easy to lose your head in the clouds, dreaming of heated floors and a wood plank feature wall and vintage clawfoot tub. This is all well and good until you realize you didn’t leave enough room in the budget for the thing you needed most, a new toilet. Make a list of your priorities and budget accordingly. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to get lost in the details.


Find a Balance

When planning a bathroom renovation, you have to balance an investment of time, money, energy, and quality. Going with a DIY approach may save you money, but it will “cost” a lot in terms of time, energy, and worse results. That’s why turning to a professional bathroom renovation contractor offers the best balance with outstanding quality delivered on time and on budget.


Contingency Fund

Once you calculate what you can afford to spend, take at least 20% to 30% of this budget to use for a contingency fund. If you allocate every penny of your budget, any delay, damaged material, or unexpected surprise behind the walls will spell trouble. Be prepared so your project can continue smoothly.


Out of the Bathroom

Consider the bathroom a “no go” zone when it’s under renovation. Move all of your bathroom essentials like toothbrushes and razors to another bathroom if possible, otherwise turn your kitchen into “bathroom central” until the renovation is complete.


Create a Sketch

Don’t just visualize your remodeled bathroom in your head. Even just a rough sketch of the layout is a good start, but then take exact measurements and get drawings or a 3D model to get an accurate picture.


Measure Twice…

This should go without saying, but the old adage “measure twice, cut once” holds as true as ever. Haste makes waste, so work slowly and accurately so you get better results. Even better, hire a bathroom renovation contractor for perfect precision.


When Replacing Flooring

If you are replacing the flooring in your bathroom, use the opportunity to replace the underlayment as well. This will provide an even, watertight surface for your flooring, and you’ll be able to undo any water damage that has gathered over the years.

Save yourself the headache and turn to the bathroom renovation professionals at RenosGroups.ca. We do it right the first time so you end up with a beautiful, functional, and durable bathroom to enjoy for years to come. Call us today for a free estimate.