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Are Home Renovations Necessary?

So you just bought a 10-year old residential property for a low price. Is it necessary to do home renovations? One big YES! Who knows what kind of faulty electrical wiring and plumbing issues it has. Renovations are not just for old, outdated homes you just purchased. All existing homeowners should assess the situation of their homes if it needs minor or major boosting.

There are many reasons why you need to do home improvements and not to mention the benefits that come along. If you feel like your home is not safe anymore, or the living situation is uncomfortable, or maybe you need the looks updated, do not wait and just go with your instincts to renovate.

What Could Go Wrong When Renovations Are Not Done or Held off for Too Long?

If renovations are not done immediately, three main concerns will make you scratch your head: more damage, more expenses, and high-risk accidents. Say, for example, you have noticed water stains on your ceilings, this is a sign of a leaky roof. Do you put the renovations on-hold? No! The longer you hold off your renovating plans, the more damage it may cause to the ceiling, and the more expenses will incur in the future.

The worse part is the leaking water on the floor may cause a slip and slide accident to you or a family member. This alone is a good reason not to hold off a renovation. In order for you to get a clearer picture, here are 10 reasons why home renovations are necessary along with the benefits that come with it.

10 Reasons Why Home Renovations are Necessary

#1: Safety: Avoid Accidents

What will it be like living in a house that you don’t feel safe? There are faulty electrical wiring that put you at risk of electrocuted or the possibility of your house burning. Defective flooring may cause cuts, trips, or falls. A broken glass door, window, or furniture may cause cuts and wound, especially with children. How will the whole family feel living in this situation every day? What about guests coming over?

If house damages compromised the residents’ safety and the integrity of the whole house itself, that is the go signal to make major changes. Do not make it a habit to wait for damages to get worse before getting home renovations done. If you do, everyone will be at risk of an accident.

Benefits: The benefit of making renovations as soon as possible is to ensure the family’s safety. This will make you worry less, especially if you have young kids playing around.

#2: Avoid Further Damage and Unnecessary Expenses

For instance, water damage is a common house problem that may cause further damage if not addressed as soon as possible. In Canada and other countries with winter, this is a common problem. The water pipes burst during the winter because they freeze, causing leakage. [1] If there is an undetected water leak, the tendency is your water bill will increase unexpectedly.

Undetected water leakage can damage walls, ceilings, and floors. This will increase the chances of developing mold, mildew, and fungus. Not only will this damage structural property, but this is a health hazard as well.

See how delaying renovations can lead to further damage and additional expenses? Renovations are not just to improve the physical appearance of a home; it also ensures the home functions as it should be inside and out. It does not mean that there is no damage if you can’t see it on the surface.

Benefits: Renovate as soon as possible if you see any alarming damage. In the long run, you can save more money because of the lesser repairs you’ll need. Waiting for more extended periods before responding to a problem leads to one damage after another. Not only will you salvage the degraded portion, but the other parts of the house that can be possibly destroyed as well.

#3: Upgrade Your Home’s Functionality

The second most important thing to a safe household is a functional home. A residence that serves its purpose well, practical, and quality is what you are looking for in a functional household. How do you know if it’s time to upgrade your home’s functionality?

When you feel like there’s not enough space in the kitchen or preparing meals is a mess, that’s not functional, and you’ll be needing a kitchen renovation. When taking showers is not as refreshing as it should be, that’s not a functional bathroom, you’ll be needing a bathroom renovation. Can you keep living like that? Or is it time to renovate?

Real estate experts know that the major selling point in any house is the functional kitchen and bathroom. These are the two portions of the house that we spend the most time, that is why it’s crucial to make some useful upgrades. That’s how important upgrading to a functional home is. Remember, renovations are not for aesthetic purposes alone; the goal is to also add functionality.

Benefits of a Functional Home: A functional home can help you reduce clutter, provide storage, save time with all the mess, and comfort with what you’re doing. Some of these renovations may have high costs, some may be cheaper, but when it comes to the improved quality of life inside your home, it’s always worth it.

#4: Add Value To Your Home

Another good reason to renovate your home is to add monetary value to the property. This is especially helpful for those who want to rent or sell their homes. It is always best to acquire the services of general contractors to make improvements. They can make suggestions on what needs to be improved, and you won’t worry about the quality of their work.

Renovating can enhance the return of investment in a property and is considered a wise financial decision in real estate. Experts say window replacements, wood decks, bathrooms, and kitchen upgrades generate the most added value to the property. [2]

Just remember if you’re renovating for the purpose of renting or selling the property, set a realistic budget, and make sure not to overspend. There are tendencies that homeowners spend overboard with renovations. There are hopes of selling at an escalated property price, but the selling price is not justifiable anymore. Never make this mistake, and ask general contractors what’s best.

Benefits: When a home is newly renovated, you can increase the monthly rental price to compensate for the expenses during home remodeling plus earn more. If you’re in the process of selling a newly renovated house, you won’t have a hard time attracting buyers, and you can always increase the price. A newly renovated house is worth spending for, and people are willing to shed that extra cash.

#5: Comfortable and Enjoyable

Who wouldn’t enjoy a newly renovated house, specially designed for your comfort and enjoyment? Home is the only place to be yourself, be comfortable, and live the way you want. If it’s the other way around, would you still call at home? You don’t need to sacrifice your rest time; it’s because you’re not comfortable with your living situation.

If you’re not quite comfortable and you don’t enjoy your rest and relaxation time at home, maybe it’s time for you to consider renovating. A change in the wall colours can bring a positive impact on your mood. Perhaps the natural lighting coming in is insufficient; that’s why you feel gloomy. It’s time to renovate the window decks or roofing to welcome Mr. Sun. If you’ve been longing for that nook area or cozy patio you’ve been dreaming of, go for it.

The functionality of a home is essential, but comfortable living keeps you sane. If you’re renovating to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable, make sure to add your personal touch. You’re going to spend the money anyway, so why not make sure that you get the best out of your buck?

Benefits of Comfortable and Enjoyable Home: You will notice improvements in your mood when you feel comfortable at your home at last. You will also feel more confident in inviting friends over because you’re proud of the home improvements you had done. This will also benefit people who work from home. Being able to create a home atmosphere to your liking boosts productivity at work.

#6: Improve the Appearance of your Home

If you feel like the odd house in the neighbourhood, and somewhat embarrassed of how your home looks like, it’s time to consider renovating. If you feel embarrassed to invite friends over or celebrate special occasions in your house because of your house’s unpleasant appearance, it’s time to renovate. You wouldn’t want your home to look like a haunted or abandoned house, right?

Let us be clear that the functionality, comfort, and appearance of a home are all different. Functionality and the comfort of a home depend on the person’s preference, while a home’s appearance is a standard. A home may be functional and comfortable, but it may not have that “presentable appearance.”

If you prefer outdated old-looking houses, at least make sure to make it presentable. It doesn’t have to be the standard modern design, because old-school looking houses can be exceptionally charming. Whether you prefer a contemporary design or stick with your existing house design, you can always make renovations to improve your home’s appearance.

Benefits of an Improved Home Appearance: When people say, “you have such a lovely home,” wouldn’t you be flattered? A home with an attractive curb appeal, great-looking interiors, with matching furniture, will get praises. It’s easier for you to welcome guests, organize parties in the house, and easier to sell in the future.

#7: For Expanding Families

When your family is expanding, and your house feels cramped, it makes sense to make some renovations. For example, if the original provisions of your house are just for two bedrooms, and one bath, but you had four beautiful children, wouldn’t you consider renovating? What if you had family and friends coming over? Where will they stay?

Making necessary renovations is essential for expanding families. You can always have additional rooms, turn the living room and kitchen into an open area, or use some of the outdoor space into a living space. There are no limits, and a reputable general contractor in Ottawa can help bring you closer to your desired home.

Plus, if you have kids running around the house, you need to make some home improvements if there are health hazards in the house. Older homes typically have asbestos in several areas, on heat ducts, in drywall plaster, stipple ceilings, etc. Canada’s government discourages the use of asbestos in homes due to its life-threatening effects. [3] Then, lead paint was banned in Canada since 2005 due to health risks affecting the growth and development of children.

Benefits of a Renovated Home for the Family: Renovating a home is important for expanding families so the kids can have their own room for themselves when they grow up. If it’s the other way around, and the kids have all grown-up, you can make renovations and downsize. You can convert their rooms into an entertainment rooms or a greenhouses. It’s also beneficial for families with little kids if their house is updated, so no health hazards are present while in their developing years.

#8: For Mobility Renovations

This may not be an issue for some people, but for households with disabled family members or elderly parents, mobility renovations are a must. There are a limited number of general contractors in Ottawa who offer this service.

You can always have a free consultation to be aware of the necessary renovations best suited for your needs. People on wheelchairs or scooters usually have a limited space to maneuver and are sometimes unsafe. People with disabilities even have a hard time reaching cabinets, storage areas, and counters. Mobility renovations are designed to make their lives easier, even when they’re living alone. These renovations are made safe and cater to different mobility needs.

The goal of mobility renovations is to establish large open space, with a safe and accessible design for handicapped individuals. Homes can be customized with wider doorways, lower countertops, brighter lights, handrails, non-slip floors, and many more. You can always ask for specific designs depending on your needs. Either you’re in a wheelchair or crutches, these renovations are important.

Benefits of Mobility Renovations: Mobility renovations allows a safe, accessible, and wide environment for people who have limited range of motion. Mobility renovations allow safe bathroom time, accessible cooking, and an overall safe environment.

#9: Creating Home Additions

If somehow, you’re not satisfied with your existing living space, or you want an additional room in the house, you will need renovations. Home additions like man caves, gaming rooms, home offices, or playpen can be achieved with affordable improvements. Whatever kind of home addition you think might be helpful to have at home, only you can make it possible.

Benefits of Home Additions: Renovating your house and having home additions helps you to be more efficient with your job. This is especially true when you’re making additions that are work-related and boost productivity. Basement renovations  are like an addition in the basement,  can include man/woman caves, sound proof studios, extra bathrooms, kitchenettes, bars, etc… will surely make the whole family happy, and guests coming over will love it.

#10: Add Your Personal Touch

Last but not the least, home renovations allow you to add your personal touch to your home. This is your chance to renovate your house into the dream home that you have envisioned. If you bought a pre-owned house but felt like the house “does not scream you,” making minor or major renovations is your answer.

You want those ugly countertops upgraded into granite? You got it! If you wish that earth-toned colours with minimalist concepts you see on Pinterest, you can always have it your way. Whatever way you want it, it must be functional, comfortable, pleasant to the eye, and of course, specified to your liking.

Benefits: Living in a home with your personal touch promotes comfort, boosts positive vibes, and drastically improves your mood. For people who have Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies, you may have storage rooms, pantries or cabinets designed the way you like it. For plant parents, you can make provisions for your indoor plants to have a green and clean home.

Why wait? Renovate Now!

Now you know the 10 reasons why home renovations are necessary, this surely makes you want to do the upgrades you’ve been planning. You wouldn’t land on this page and end up reading this article if you have no prior plans, right?

If money constraints cause the delay, do not worry because there are general contractors that offer affordable renovation costs or financing options. Always make sure to choose professional and experienced contractors in the industry.

In Ottawa, RenosGroup is one of the best in the industry. The family-owned renovation team specializes in catering to client needs. If you have concerns or inquiries about home renovations, RenosGroup is happy to answer all your concerns. Choose the best, and experience the best!

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