Bathroom Renovations That Make A Real Room

For many years, homeowners in Ottawa neglected bathroom renovations, redesigns  and upgrades. After all, most people don’t spend anywhere near as much time in the bathroom as they do the rest of the house. But over the years, bathroom renovations have been the subject of fascinating new trends, all of which are designed to bring comfort, style, and luxury into the room. If you’re looking for ideas for bathroom redesign, continue reading for five designer tips to get you started.

“More Than The Bathroom Sink”

When doing bathroom renovations, think bigger than what you’re accustomed. Nowadays, homeowners are turning their bathrooms into areas where you can listen to music, relax and read a book, and effectively store reading material and entertainment items. There’s no shame in adding some furniture into the bathroom, especially if it fits well with the style and theme of the room.

So you can upgrade your showerhead to an eco-friendly design that makes water usage more efficient while offering just as much comfort. You can even enjoy a hot bath in surround sound as companies like Delta offer upgrades for built-in stereo equipment. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be just as comfortable in your bathroom as you are elsewhere in the home.

Add Colour To Dull White

You’ll find it difficult to meet someone whose bathroom isn’t painted white. That’s because white is often believed to be a peaceful and soft colour suggesting tranquility and comfort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colours to redesign your bathroom to look the way you really want. You can finish the job quicker by simply painting the walls a new colour. Generally, brown, tan, or other natural colours are most popular. Feel free, however, to embellish your environment with turquoise, forest green, or even red or blue. To successfully incorporate colour into the home, consider browsing the internet or design magazines for ideas. Remember, what you see in your head may not look the same when you begin redesigning. So take your time and think carefully about the colour you add.

Combine Different Materials

Glass, wood, stone, and china should cross your mind here. Bring some shine into the bathtub with glass tiles. Stainless steel is very popular and you can try this for sinks, bathtubs, and shower walls. The trick for remodeling is to take a simple design idea, be creative, and make the room stand out. Experimenting with both colour and materials gives you the chance to turn your bathroom into a beach. Use wood and some plants, then add some brown and green colours and your bathroom is now a quiet spot in a calm forest. The more you look around and think outside the box, the better design ideas you’ll come up with.

Declutter The Bathroom

Sometimes too much is just as bad as too little. That said, it doesn’t hurt to take things out of your bathroom before redesigning, especially if the room is particularly cluttered. Instead of keeping cosmetic products stacked around the sink, use cabinets and containers to store combs, brushes, toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, etc. Use some of the materials mentioned above rather than buy cheap, flimsy containers.

Dim The Lights

One way to turn a relaxing environment into a torture shack is using extremely bright lights. Bright lights make your eyes hurt and take away the comfort of a soothing bathroom.

Whatever ideas you have, it’s always ideal to work with a trained designer, preferably one you trust if he or she is available. With so many beautiful design options to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can to redesign your bathroom for comfort and style. Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today we’d be happy to take your dull bathroom into a relaxing retreat with our bathroom renovation services.

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