New Bathtub vs Tub Liner

We highly recommend that when homeowners are going through a bathroom renovation that they replace their bath with a new bathtub vs a bath liner. This is for several reasons:

Access to the Tub Drain, Overflow & P-trap

Many bathtubs and drains are made from cast iron or other metals that can rust, rot and overtime the metal drains can become very brittle. This can cause the bathtub drain to break from trying to loosen it before installing a new tub liner. This same issue may occur when trying to tighten the new drain. The tub drain can snap without the installer having any idea of what has happened, and may cause either major or sometimes minor leaks that will not start showing up for at least a week or more.

Access to the Tile Backer Board

Many times we find the drywall where the tub walls meet the bathtub to be mouldy. When installing a new bathtub we completely remove this area giving us a good view of any mold or any other issues that may be a problem. When installing a new liner this does not happen, so there is always a chance there may be mold growing.

Full Access to the Subfloor

Over time the subfloor can weaken from moisture and regular use. It’s also the possible that the floor beneath your tub is not up to today’s standard building code if you live in an older home. By removing the existing tub we can check this for you and reinforce the floor if required.

Tub Liners will Soon be Obsolete

The majority of new homes or recently renovated homes feature some form of plastic (usually acrylic) bathtubs. Tub liners can only be installed over steel or cast iron bathtubs, this makes installing a liner on top of a plastic bathtub impossible.

Resale Value

Real estate and homeowners agree that a tub liner is not as appealing as a bathtub, and it does not add value to the home. In part, this is because potential homeowners are worried about water getting in between the bathtub and the tub liner, this is known in the industry as “soakers”. However, a new modern bathtub with custom acrylic walls will add the wow factor many homeowners are looking for.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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