How You Can Create More Space for Holiday Gatherings 

Are you playing host this holiday season and wondering how on earth you’re going to fit everyone into your home? Don’t panic! All you need is a little smart planning and maneuvering to create all the space you need. And remember, hosting a great holiday party all comes down to the festive spirit that you and your close family and friends get to share together.  So check out these tips on how to create more space for holiday gatherings so you can ditch the stress and start getting pumped for your holiday party.

Tuck Away Non-Essential Items

When hosting a group of people in your home, it helps to remove any non-essential items into a bedroom or spare room to save up some needed space. Items like your TV stand, side tables and clunky furniture can be tucked away into another room that’s out of sight for your guests to move around and socialize.

Push Furniture Against Walls

By simply pushing your couch and chairs up against the wall, you can create more space in the center of the room. That newly acquired area can then be better utilized by placing tables in the middle for the food and for people to more easily move about.

Use The Biggest Area For Dinner

If your gathering will include a dinner setting, you’ll need ample space for the chairs and table. And when your dining room isn’t large enough to seat all your family members or friends, try using an area with the largest space in your home instead. A living room or finished basement area can provide the perfect space that you need. If the space still feels tight, try adding another table in a smaller room within view and use that for the kids to eat dinner on.

How You Can Create More Space for Holiday Gatherings

Take Advantage Of The Basement

Your finished basement can also be an excellent area for guests to mingle and use if you are hosting a holiday part. Simply add some snacks in the area,  set up a mini bar and don’t forget to decorate and add some holiday lighting to brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting.

Create Separate Spaces

Creating separate spaces for different activities will help break up the crowd. For instance, use a basement or sunroom space for the kids to play during your party. You can set up some games and activities to keep the children occupied as opposed to having them running around the dinner table and conversation area. Also, consider setting up a few conversational spaces by pushing groups of chairs together in some of the larger rooms. This also forces your guests to spread out rather than crowd around in one area.

When you’re limited on space in your home, talk to us at the RenosGroup. We can help you plan for a new renovation or tackle your unfinished basement so you can finally create the space you need for holiday gatherings in the future, without having to stress about how you’re going to fit everyone in.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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