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Choosing a Room’s Colour Scheme

Struggling to choose a colour scheme for a room in your home? It can be a tough decision to make! Knowing what colour to invest in as the base colour in a room is something that can be challenging for many homeowners. But there are some helpful ways to get some inspiration that can leave your home looking fabulous. Here are some helpful ways to find inspiration for your colour schemes at home.

Choose Your Favourite Colour

First and foremost – what’s your favourite colour? Your home is meant to be a space that reflects you and your lifestyle. If bold and colourful is your style, then go with it to lead you towards a colour that you love. Having colours that make you feel good is always a great place to start finding inspiration for a base colour. From there you can create a scheme using complimentary colours to match.

Get Inspired by Fabric

Have a favourite scarf, pillow, or blanket that has a colour palette you love? Use it for ideas to place throughout your room. This is also a great way to see how different colours go together – even ones that you may have never thought usually would.

Creating an accent wall is always a great way to try and add in a different splash of colour to a room, especially when you’re a little unsure about the thought of fully committing to a colour.

Get Inspired by Art

The same thing applies to just about anything, including art pieces. If you have a mosaic of tiles, or a painting that stands out to you, you can try and bring a photo or the actual art piece into your local paint store to have them match and mix up that colour for you.

Get Inspired by Magazines

If you really find that you’re stuck on your decision, pick up some home décor magazines or catalogues. They have a variety of home-inspired ideas and photos that can help jostle some ideas that might highlight a palette that you enjoy. In addition to magazines, hop onto Pinterest – it’s one of the leading sites for providing inspiration and ideas for everything and anything that’s home-related.

When you remodel and redecorate a room in your Ottawa home, it’s important that you end up with a finished project that you love. And choosing the right colour scheme can feel stressful if you’re unsure of how everything will tie in together once it’s complete. But you can overcome that uncertainty by sifting through magazines, catalogues, and using great websites that are designed to inspire ideas such as Pinterest. When it comes down to your decision, use colours that inspire you and make you feel good. Then find what colours will compliment it and you’ll be guaranteed to end up with a room that you’ll love.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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