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Choosing The Right Colour For Your Master Bedroom

A home is a reflection of your aesthetic sense, a space where you feel free to be yourself, and a place to unwind. Playing one of the most important roles in creating a truly relaxing space is the paint or wallpaper you use. This is especially true in the master bedroom, where choosing the right colour is critical. With that in mind, let’s spend a moment reviewing two competing colour choices. Along with describing how lighter golds and deeper reds differ, we will go into variations of each to further explore the options available. With that, let’s begin!


Golds are softer, inviting colours that liven up a space, make it appear brighter, and make it even feel happy and youthful. The colour yellow has a lot of connotations in our society, and finding the right tint can make all the difference in the world.

The Soft Gold Look

Soft gold has a classic feel that is nearly impossible to deny. While it creates less of contrast with wood, it still is inviting. Nearly rustic in its application, the soft gold look provides an aged warmth that is hard to replicate in any other way.

A Tame Yellow

The tame yellow look creates a feeling of openness, airiness, and space. It is warm and inviting. Often going incredibly well with the darker browns of wood borders, windows, and furniture, even a tame yellow is still bright and inviting. With countless classic looks, soft gold is highly versatile.


Reds are perfect for creating a cozy, calm, and inviting master bedroom. Often accented with pillows, decorations, and bronzed metal fixtures, deeper reds draw us in and don’t disappoint. Like with the golds and yellow, success in using deeper reds is all about identifying the right shade for your needs.


Vibrant, burgundy is deep, dark, but still has enough going for it to stand out. With incredible success as a background colour paired with white or a very fine tan, burgundy is often not the only colour used on the walls. Consider your space when considering burgundy as it can be highly specific to the space in your home.


Toned, classy, and mesmerizing, the reddish-brown colour acts like the soft gold in creating an aged yet inviting look. Matched well with darker woods and tan accents on the ceiling, reddish-brown has a lot of potential.

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