Creating an Amazing Kids Play Area in the Basement

If you have kids, you’ve probably noticed that their toys and art projects start to take over all of your living space. If it has gotten to the point where you can hardly move without stepping on a Lego piece, it may be time to find a solution. A fun and inviting kids play area in the basement is the perfect way to keep toys out of your living room…and dining room, and office, and kitchen, and…When your kids have a contained area to let their imaginations run wild, with plenty of activity stations to keep them busy, you’re much more likely to have an organized upstairs living space. Here are some tips for creating an amazing kids play area in the basement:

Floor Space

Sometimes kids don’t even need fancy layouts or state-of-the-art designs. Ottawa basement contractors can lay down soft carpet or interlocking foam tiles in your basement. Your kids will have a blast building a giant fairy tale village or putting together a massive train track set.

Art & Creativity

A kids area in the basement is the perfect place to set up arts and crafts stations. Start by painting one wall with chalkboard paint, which your kids can draw on and just as easily erase. Another wall can be magnetic or made of bulletin board material for pinning up drawings and paintings. Set up an easel station in one corner and a reading nook in another.

Entertainment Centre

If your kids like to watch movies and television, then you can set up a pint-sized movie room for their viewing pleasure. Kids will have a grand old time watching Frozen on a mounted projector while they sit in comfy mini beanbag chairs. Mount an iPhone dock in easy reaching distance for the kids so they can put on a playlist and dance their little hearts out in their newly renovated basement.


When the kids are zonked out from playing, it comes time to keep things organized. Ottawa basement contractors can design and construct beautiful custom built-in storage with a place for every single toy, book, and arts & craft item. You can include every storage component imaginable, from cubbies and bookcases to shelving and media consoles to keep your brand new kids play area organized and clean.

With these essential elements, you’ll have everything you need for creating an amazing kids play area in the basement.  If you need help for this project please don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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