Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Many people think that the kitchen renos Ottawa homeowners undergo are far too expensive for their own budgets. However if you take an eco-friendly approach to your kitchen renovation you will find it can become quite affordable. Here is the perfect way to create an affordable eco-friendly kitchen for your home:

Repurposing Countertops

Take a look at your counterops. They may be in perfect condition and do not need replacement. Many people discard their old countertops which is a major addition to the local landfill. If your countertops are in good condition they can be reused. With the addition of newer features throughout the kitchen you can take focus away from the counters.

Energy Star Appliances

You would be surprised at how much energy your old fridge can use up every day. A new Energy Star fridge will be an investment up front but will then save you money in the long run. It is also the eco-friendly choice as it will reduce your energy consumption. The addition of Energy Star appliances is also a perfect way to update the look of the kitchen renos Ottawa contractors’ offer, even with minimal work to the rest of the space.

Natural Light

Consider adding a window to your kitchen to bring in natural light to reduce your use of electricity. Install a window over the sink where you are doing much task work as well as a major stretch of counter space where you will be doing food prep. Windows with soft curtains will bring in much needed light. In some kitchens you can even consider adding a skylight.

Recycled Cabinets

Get creative with kitchen renos Ottawa contractors offer by seeking out recycled cabinets. You can also search local flea markets and garage sales for interesting shelving, side boards and other furniture pieces that can be repurposed to create upper and lower cabinets as well as islands. Think outside the box and consider items in your home as well. You can also use your existing cabinets and reface them with a new coat of paint or a different colour stain. If you do replace your cabinets ask your contractor to save them and donate them to a salvage company to reduce waste.

The kitchen renovations Ottawa contractors’ offer can be more affordable when you look at eco-friendly options. Repurposing and less waste saves money and the planet.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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