Creating an Industrial Design Basement

If you are going for a different look for the basement remodeling in your home you should consider doing an edgier industrial look. The basement remodeling Ottawa home owners undergo doesn’t always have to follow the same design scheme. Instead look to the lofts of New York City for inspiration and go industrial. Here are some tips to help you create an industrial design basement.

Open Ceiling

One of the first things a basement remodel focuses on is covering up those “unsightly” beams and ducts in the ceiling. However, in a space that is already frightfully low leaving the floor beams and ducts exposed can really open up the room. Consider painting out all of those unfinished features in white or grey and leaving the metal ducts raw to create an airier, industrial feel.

Jack Posts

Jack posts are usually painted an unattractive brownish red and stick out like a sore thumb. However in an industrial space you can avoid the cost of covering these posts and opt to paint them out instead in white or black. Depending on their location you can even consider building a “table” or “bar” around the post for people to lean on or place a drink during a game of pool or darts.


A very popular feature in an industrial style loft is the cement floor. If you’re looking to completely remodel the basement ask your Ottawa contractors whether a cement floor is right for you. You may also consider lying down some floor heating and covering it with a warm polished cement for the industrial look. You can also cover walls in cement to intensify the effect.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal can be used in a number of ways for your basement remodeling including a textured and interesting ceiling, as a wall covering and ideally as the front for your basement bar. Corrugated metal has a modern edge that looks fantastic.

Exposed Brick

Many older homes have brick that can be exposed for a more historical industrial feel. Again you will have to discuss the effects of using the actual brick of the foundation or other areas and how it will work in a basement that can tend to be damp and cold.

These are just a few affordable ways to give your basement remodel an industrial edge.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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