Designing a Vintage Kitchen That Wows

A blank canvas provides space for endless ideas to come to life. As modern kitchen layouts demand more and more space, the interior opportunities of a kitchen become (like the canvas) limitless. Simply put, it has never been easier to specialize the look and appearance of your kitchen to meet your aesthetic needs. A popular transformation is to turn modern looking kitchens into vintage kitchens. Below we review some of the areas you should focus on when designing a vintage kitchen to make it stand out and absolutely wow any person who walks in.

Replace What You Can, Make Vintage What You Cannot

A modern kitchen is filled with necessary devices that many cannot live without. When making your kitchen look vintage, you will need to identify what you can replace and what you cannot. You would be surprised at just how many vintage alternatives there are to common household appliances. For the things you cannot replace, you can find ways to make them look vintage. Focus on colours, as the matching aesthetic will be necessary to create a uniform appearance. And on that note…

Pick Your Colour!

Many vintage kitchens were designed around a single primary colour that stands out and shocks. Yellow and blue as well as turquoise and red are common colour pairings for backgrounds. For those things in the foreground, consider pastel yellow, mint, and pale pinks. Be aware that you will have several competing colours. While some of them you can choose, others will have to be incorporated from things like appliances or counters that cannot be replaced.

Never Forget the Cabinets

A central part of making your kitchen look vintage will be the cabinets. Check out scanned copies of early in home magazines. They will have photos of kitchen and be a great source of information for the kind of aesthetic you are looking for. Kept relatively simple, painted, and neat, the vintage cabinet look is surprisingly easy to recreate.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are experienced with do it yourself operations, then you no doubt know the first thing you should do. If not, then consider hiring a kitchen renovations contractor in Ottawa to review the process and lend their experience. Along with being able to save you a lot of hassle later in the process, you may be surprised at what they can offer in terms of insight.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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