Designing a Cool Bedroom for Your Teen

As a parent you likely spent a lot of time designing your child’s bedroom, making it the perfect spot for them to play and enjoy themselves in their own space. But the years fly by and suddenly your adorable little toddler is now a full-blown teenager! There is no way to properly prepare yourself for this, but you can try to prepare their room to accommodate their new stages of life.  The pastel-coloured walls and owl decor is not likely to excite a teenager. Talk to your teen and discover what they want to do with their room. If you give your teenager some creative design over their room reno, they may be more inclined to keep it neat and tidy! Here are some tips on designing a cool bedroom for your teen.


Instead of the overhead lighting with a baby animal lamp, perhaps your teen would appreciate some track lighting with a dimmer switch. Teenagers have different requirements for their bedrooms than young children do. They will be reading, playing video games, staying up late with friends and maybe even doing some homework in their rooms. Having different lighting options that can adapt to their current needs is a great place to start a bedroom reno.


The colour scheme for any room is a personal choice. As the parents you likely chose the colours for your son’s or daughter’s room when they were young, but now they should have some creative input even if it doesn’t match up with the style you have in your mind. If painting your kids walls bright blue and bright orange will make them happy, then by all means go for it. It’s only paint after all, it’s not permanent.


Teenagers are loud. Perhaps you have other kids in the house that aren’t in their teenage years yet, or perhaps you are just tired of hearing their music and conversations at 3am. Whatever the reason, there are different methods of soundproofing that can solve some serious parent/teenager arguments before they begin, if done right by a contractor.


Suddenly the stuffed animal holder hanging from the ceiling is not a sufficient means for storage. Teenagers require space for their school work, clothes, makeup, sports equipment, and general “stuff” that comes with the job description. Putting in some custom storage, and having them help with the designs, is a great way to personalize a room while encouraging cleanliness. If they have somewhere to put something then it is less likely to end up on the floor!

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