Designing a Home with Mobility Limitations

When your loved one has mobility limitations, you want to do everything possible to make their home life safe, comfortable, and accessible. When it comes to mobility renovations, Ottawa homeowners should make sure the following areas are covered:


Especially if your loved one needs a walker or wheelchair, it is important that they have enough room to navigate safely and comfortably around the house. You may consider enlisting the help of mobility renovation experts to widen doorways and made it easier to move from room to room. Swinging doors can be difficult for people in wheelchairs or walkers to open, so you may consider installing pocket doors.

Sinks & Counters

High countertops and sinks may be difficult for your loved one to use if they are in a wheelchair. Consider renovating to install lower sinks and countertops so they are easily accessible at wheelchair height. Your loved one can move around independently and not have to struggle with unreachable countertops and sinks.

Safe Flooring

Slippery flooring is a concern for everyone, but especially dangerous for people with mobility issues. Make sure to install slip-resistant flooring with non-slip coating to prevent your loved one from falling on slippery surfaces, especially in the bathroom.

Bathroom Accessibility

Bathrooms can be especially troublesome for people with mobility limitations. When they need mobility renovations, Ottawa homeowners place bathroom concerns at the top of the list. Fortunately, the experts can install strategically placed handrails, wide walk-in shower stalls, bathtub seats, handheld showering devices, and lowered fixtures. All of these adjustments make it easy for your loved one to use the bathroom privately, safely, and comfortably.


For individuals who suffer from declining vision, it can be difficult to navigate around the house with normal lighting. Mobility renovation experts can install brighter lighting to increase visibility, reduce safety risks, and improve quality of life.


For your loved one with mobility limitations, it can difficult or even impossible to enter houses with stairs or go up to a second story. Mobility renovation experts can construct ramps, place reflective non-slip tape on staircases, and install handrails to make it easier to walk up and down the stairs safely.

When it comes to mobility renovations, Ottawa homeowners now have all the information they need to design their home and make it safe, comfortable, and accessible to their loved ones.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

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