Does Your Laundry Room Need a Makeover?

Is your laundry room driving you a little bit crazy? Is the room cluttered and disorganized so much that your clothes end up piled up without room to organize? If this sounds like your struggles, maybe it’s time for a laundry room makeover. Here we provide some secrets on how you can better utilize your laundry room space and make the most of your weekly cleaning.

New Efficient Machines

If your clothes are coming out worse than when they went in, it’s probably time to upgrade your machines. Washing machines take a lot of abuse over the years, and you should consider replacing them every five or so years depending on the make. If you want to utilize your laundry room space, try purchasing a stacking dryer and washer. With the savings in energy usage, they’ll pay for themselves over the years!

Storage Space

For better space utilization, you should try installing more storage units. Consider implementing a pull-out hamper, narrow sliding cart, or closet organizer. Rigging your laundry room with additional storage can really help to free up more needed space and keep your belongings organized. Take it to the next level with custom storage perfectly fitted to the space by your general contractor.

Laundry Sink

Not everything should go into the washer. That’s why having a laundry room sink is handy for hand-washing any delicates or hard-to-clean textures. It’s also convenient when you need to immediately rinse off stains or soak items. This can also free up the kitchen or bathroom sink when you need to hand-wash any items.

Folding Station

When it comes to organizing laundry, nothing is handier than a having a folding station that you can take advantage of when your clothes are fresh out of the dryer. If you’re short on space, you can add a fold-down table to the back of the door. You can also utilize this area for ironing and stacking clothes once dried.

Natural Light

You should also consider adding more natural light if possible. Installing a window or sunroof can really help with the quality of your washing – say goodbye to mixing up colours in the dark. But if your house won’t permit a build-out, you can always purchase new and brighter lighting and bulbs for the room.

Your laundry room is one of the most essential rooms in your home. So why not make it both functional and easy to navigate? By following these tips, you can easily save plenty of space and upgrade the features for more efficient use.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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