Make Your Small Ensuite Beautiful

Who says that size has to limit your design? If you have a small ensuite bathroom, it can look every bit as glamorous as your main bathroom. All it takes is the right elements to optimize the space that you do have and incorporate elements that can provide the illusion of more space.

Follow these design tips to help make your small ensuite beautiful.

All Glass Walk-in Shower

If there’s a shower in your tiny ensuite, it can either make or break the look of your bathroom. The enclosure can really box in the area and make it appear even smaller than it really is. That’s why more modern designs are opening up that enclosure by using glass. This allows more light to filter within the ensuite and doesn’t take away from the size of the space.

Built-in Countertop

Having adequate space for a counter is one of the main problems when facing the design of a smaller bathroom. But by incorporating a built-in shelf within the main wall where the sink will be placed, it can provide that necessary component without having a counter that protrudes and takes up much room.

Floating Sink Fixture

Thanks to floating designs, even the tiniest bathroom can still be practical and look great. You don’t have to take up any unnecessary floor space with the sink. Plus, you can achieve that contemporary “bling” style with chrome piping and dazzling faucets.

Customized Floating Cupboards

Using the space above the toilet is always best for placing either a shelf or floating cupboard. And with the customized designs that are available today, you can store away all of your toiletries without having them on display for the world to see.

Chic Tiling and Flooring

The size of a space definitely shouldn’t hold you back from adding that design flair that you want. There are a wide variety of tiles and added finishes that you can install within your ensuite to bring out your flare and style. So get creative when selecting your tiling and flooring.

Big Mirrors

Mirrors are always a great option to utilize in smaller spaces for allowing light to reflect and give the illusion of greater space.

Don’t feel limited by the small size of your ensuite. With the selection and designs that are available today, you can find just about anything you’re looking for to fully optimize your space without sacrificing your desire for a striking design.

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