The Mobility-Friendly Renovation Checklist

Unfortunately, very few homes are designed with concern for mobility limitations. Steep staircases, tight spaces that limit maneuverability, and designs that cause safety issues abound in most homes. If you want to make your home friendly to loved ones with mobility limitations, make sure to follow this mobility-friendly renovation checklist:

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

An in-home consultation is absolutely necessary to observe the mobility limitations of your loved one and assess the state of your home. Do not trust any estimate or promise that is made without having met you in person or without having seen your home. An in-home consultation with mobility renos experts can assure your renovation is done right the first time.

Ask Around

You may know people who have also had their homes renovated to accommodate mobility limitations. Ask around and see what features they love, what features they wish they had, and what they might have done differently. You can learn a lot from speaking with people who have been down the same path.

Plan for the Present and Future

You want your mobility renovation to suit your current needs, but you also want it to accommodate future changes. If you plan on living in your home for another decade, consider what your mobility needs will be at that time. It is better to do a full renovation now than to have to redo everything in five or ten years to accommodate new mobility issues. For example, it may be wise to increase the width of doorways even if your loved one does not require a wheelchair at the present time.

Bathroom Safety

One of the primary concerns for mobility limitations is being able to use the bathroom safely with dignity and privacy. For this reason, the bathroom is one of the key areas for mobility renos. Whether you wish to install lower sinks that can accommodate a wheelchair, build a wider toilet area, or construct a walk-in shower, these accommodations can vastly improve quality of life. Slip-resistant flooring is also important.

Ease of Access

It is important that your loved ones have the space to comfortable move around in the home. The house should be organized so that items are accessible and bending, reaching, or other difficult movements are not required. Some of this will not require renovation, but simply reorganizing the house from the perspective of someone with mobility issues. In the instance that renovation is required (such as doorway widening), mobility renovation experts can do the job right.

Enjoy a safe, comfortable, and accessible home with the help of mobility renos experts in Ottawa.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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