How a New Tub & Acrylic Shower Walls Can Improve Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is damaged or is starting to look dated your best option is to replace the old tub and shower with a sparkling new tub and easy to clean acrylic shower walls. Here are four ways how a new tub & acrylic shower walls can improve your bathroom:


Unlike bathtub-liners, new tubs are solid and are offered in a variety of shapes, styles and prices. They can be installed easily by a professional contractor, and can even feature slip resistant surfaces to help reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Easy to Clean

Your new shower walls are a breeze to clean for a number of reasons. First you can easily clean smooth surfaces using a squeegee following each bath and shower. Second you can see a reduction in mould and mildew as many products are made of antimicrobial materials that stop their growth. As well, there will not be any troublesome grout that tends to become dark and discoloured over time. Stained grout often requires a heavy duty steam cleaning to remove mould, mildew and deep down stains.

Hard to damage

Your new tub and custom acrylic shower walls are exceptionally durable providing high quality finishes that offer beauty and longevity. These highly walls are resistant to chipping, cracking and even damage from acidic cleaners. They are also dent proof and impact resistant.

Easy Install

When you opt for tile in your bathroom it is a very expensive option for your remodel. Tile is not only expensive material wise, but is also very labour intensive. Custom acrylic shower walls are installed in a matter of hours so you have a beautiful new bathroom the same day. This also means you will not be left without a bathroom during the remodel.


Many people are hesitant to consider acrylic shower walls as they are concerned they are not very attractive. You will find many design choices perfect to suit your sense of style. As well there are many features that make it easier to shower with specialty handles, shelves and other handy details not available with a simple tile replacement. There are even modern options using technology to print realistic faux looks for stone and tile for an upscale look you will love.

Your shower walls and new tub are both easy to install, look lovely and provide a strong seal to rid you of troublesome leaks.  For more information on how a new tub & acrylic shower walls can improve your bathroom don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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