New Year’s Resolutions For The Home

Every year brings the opportunity for change. In sticking with the holiday tradition of setting a New Year’s resolution, let’s review some of the things people consider doing every year but somehow never seem to get around to actually doing. In addition to some small changes, we will also review an inspection you should definitely get this year as well as a more expensive present that will give back for years to come. With that out of the way, let’s begin!  Here are some new years resolutions for your home:

Soften The Water

If your home has hard water, isn’t it time you soften it to reduce residue and buildup? Filtered water is fantastic for the shower, as it damages your hair less and provides a cleaner overall experience. In addition, getting a filter for your sink can improve the taste and remove any odour that may come from the water you are drinking. A simple, inexpensive, and incredibly beneficial change, consider this the next time you are making a New Year’s resolution for the home.

Roof Inspection

Do you know that the majority of homeowners are unaware that their roof requires minor fixes? Starting off as a small problem and growing into something that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, having your roof inspected by a professional can provide you the peace of mind that only comes when things like a leaky roof are not a problem. In addition, sealing up roof leaks can cut your energy expenses dramatically by reducing heat loss in the winter and A/C loss in the summer.

Paint That Room The Colour You Always Wanted

While some may love painting, the majority of individuals out there find it a chore. If you have been wanting to paint that room for a while now, make a New Year’s Resolution to finally do it, or resolve to bring in the pros to renovate the room. You will replace the thought of having to change what you see with a happy thought every time you see the new colour. It takes about a day of work to paint a room, but the refreshed look and feeling of accomplishment will endure for years.

Consider Solar Panels

A final consideration, solar panels for your property can help to reduce the amount of electricity you use and bottom out your utility bills during the sunnier months. While the initial cost may be relatively high, there are ranges of subsidies in place that help to reduce the cost to a more manageable amount. The province of Ontario also has great programs to incentivize the installation of solar panels and you can even sell some of the energy you produce, so it’s worth investigating.

Looking for more inspiration? The renovation pros at RenosGroup are here to help! Schedule a free in-home consultation and we can work together new year’s resolutions for your home.  Please don’t wait to give us a call at (613) 727-9427 to get the ball rolling. You can also use this form to request a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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