Partner Profile: Grant’s Marble

As a leading home renovation company in Ottawa, we are proud to partner with the best manufacturers and supplies of quality materials for your home, kitchen, and bathroom. From custom-built cabinetry to tiles to assisted living modifications to window shutters, we seek out partners who embody the values of quality, dependability, and impeccable design. Many of our suppliers are based right here in Ottawa or the surrounding area. Today, we are excited to profile Grant’s Marble, a manufacturer of engineered marble and granite products.

What is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone (also known as cultured stone or synthetic stone) is a blend of cast polymers – typically fiberglass, limestone, and resin – combined with pigment to create natural-looking colours and patterns. Cultured marble looks indistinguishable from its natural counterpart, but it also has many advantages. For one, because it is engineered you can request any colour or pattern of your choosing, rather than being limited by nature. Engineered marble is cast in moulds, allowing you to create custom shapes, lengths, and widths for shower surrounds and countertops that would not be possible with slab marble. Finally, engineered marble is the far more economical choice for homeowners who want luxury design at an affordable price point.

What are the Advantages of Engineered Marble?

Engineered marble is maintenance-free and a breeze to clean. Unlike plastic shower bases and walls, the material never cracks. As a bonus, it’s much easier and quicker to install than tile. With roll-in or low threshold options available, it’s a great choice for accessible/mobility friendly bathrooms, and recessed shower niches were also recently added to the product line.

We spoke with Paul Grant, owner of Grant’s Marble, who explained the compelling advantages. “Our synthetic marble products make great bathroom choices. Our shower bases are solid when you stand on them, and when combined with our one-piece wall panels it is said they will outlast the customer! If they are looking for a shower that will never leak, easy to clean, and last – this is it. Oh, did I mention that both have a lifetime warranty? And with 52 colours to choose from, you can always find the perfect colour. We also make custom shower bases to fit different sizes and drain locations. Custom bases offer a low profile threshold that is only 2 1/4” high and is most desirable.”

Marble & Granite for Your Renovation Project

Grant’s Marble is based in Elginburg, ON, a small village just north of Kingston, about a two-hour drive from Ottawa. Grant’s Marble specializes in synthetic marble and granite products for bathrooms, including shower bases, wall panels, seamless vanity tops, and tub decking/skirting. They also make engineered marble accessories, like shower seats and caddies that integrate flawlessly with the rest of the shower. All of their shower bases and wall panels are covered by a robust lifetime warranty.

Grant’s Marble has a very active Facebook page, and we’d like to share some of their creations to give you a visual idea of what is possible with cultured marble.

Custom Shower

Custom shower with marble panels with grey swirl and ceramic tiles

Glass Shower

Glass shower with marble shower base, wall panels, and custom caddy

Marble Tub

Marble tub decking and skirting

Granite Vanity

Engineered granite vanity top

Manufacture Marble

The manufacturing process: a marble wall panel in the factory

If cultured marble from Grant’s Marble sounds like the right fit for your bathroom renovation project, get in touch with! Quality installation, quality materials, and quality customer service is what we’re all about. To see some of our other great partners, check out our Online Product ShowroomContact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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