Bathroom Design 101: Popular Bathroom Renovations

Looking for some ideas to transform your old bathroom into a luxurious spa-like setting? With as much use as it gets, the bathroom always deserves a remodel to keep it updated and looking great – especially since it impacts the value of the home significantly. To create a modern masterpiece in your home, we’ve compiled some of the most popular bathroom renovations this year to inspire your new design. Here they are:

Smart Technology

It was only a matter of time before smart tech invaded the bathroom. And now it finally has! Modern homeowners can make their bathroom sleek, chic and more convenient than ever with innovative designs like high tech toilets with seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, and built-in deodorizers. This year, we’re also seeing more smart showers, automatic sinks, Bluetooth built-in speakers, and even voice-activated features for lights, mirrors, and temperature. With smart technology included in your bathroom reno, every experience can be relaxing and convenient. The future is here!

Brass, Copper & Gold Fixtures

Brass, copper, and gold might make you think of the flashy 90s, but with a modern twist, they’re one of the hottest growing trends in popular bathroom renovations this year. Each of these features display warm and rich tones that create an undeniably elegant and modern look. Whether satin, matte or spun – shades of brass, copper, and gold for faucets, sinks, or even the toilet can add timeless character and a splash of luxury to your bathroom design.

New Age Industrial Theme

Combinations of rich wooden textures, concrete, and iron make the industrial style classy and sleek with just enough rustic edge to it. The industrial theme combines notes of the classic vintage era with modern clean lines and a rich yet neutral palate. To achieve this look in your reno, consider combining metal fixtures with a large basin sink, a wooden vanity, and accent colours like brass or gold. Despite the name, the industrial style is all about creating a cozy and timeless design that’s inviting.

Funky Tiles

Manufacturers today are capable of creating the most versatile designs, even when it comes to bathroom tiles. This gives homeowners so many choices to find the perfect look for their individual space. Patterned tiles, subway tiles, wooden plank walls, exotic colours – the options are endless. Add some bold colours with your backsplash or shower walls to create a truly personalized and unique look.

Wood Vanities

We can’t get enough of the inviting warmth that wood exudes in any space. That’s why it’s still one of the most consistent trends among interior designers. And today, with the advancement of manufacturing processes, there are plenty of varieties that can enhance the design of the bathroom and hold up perfectly to moisture and humidity. Floating wood vanities are a particular favourite since they open up more floor space and emphasize a clean, minimalistic look.

Large Bath Tubs

To really relax and melt away the stress after a long day of work, a bathtub is a must. But having to squeeze into a shallow tub that’s uncomfortable can defeat the entire purpose of it. That’s why more homeowners are including a large tub in their bathroom renovations. More space means more relaxation when soaking in the bubbles. Whether it’s jacuzzi style or a classic deep soaker style, homeowners deserve some R&R in comfort!

Open Showers

Homeowners also are forgoing the cramped and contained shower for an open concept instead. With only a single, shallow step to enter and partitioning glass or tiles to contain it, open showers can eliminate that confined feeling. They can also be an ideal way to maximize space for those who are limited. Plus, it’s ideal for seniors since they won’t have to worry about stepping up into the shower.

Heated Floors

Living in a temperate climate can make morning showers painful when you have to stroll across a cold icy floor. But with heated floors, you can keep your feet nice and toasty. Underfloor heating is versatile and a worthy investment if you live in a particularly cold climate. It can be installed with concrete, tile, vinyl, wood and more. Aside from keeping your bathroom warm, this can also buffer out sound and even reduce allergy symptoms without the need for dusty forced air.

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