Why We Recommend Acrylic Walls for Your Bathtub or Shower

Homeowners tend to choose what they feel is the most visually appealing and cost effective when it comes to renovating, however there are some items that should have extra consideration spent on such as acrylic shower walls. Find out why you choose acrylic shower walls over tile, pre-fab or store bought acrylic systems below:

Tile & Grout Lines

Mold, dirt and soap scum eventually build up in the grout as it is a porous material. Depending on what the tiles are made of they can stain or discolour. Acrylic walls are 100% non-porous and will not grow mold, stain or discolour.

Pre-fab Tub/Shower Units

These units are fairly bland and are mostly hollow behind the walls. If someone were to slip and fall they could possibly crack or put a hole in the wall. As tubs and showers are very slippery this is a common occurrence. Custom acrylic shower walls are installed directly on top of existing tile walls (as long as they are not coming loose), or on top of new drywall or cement board so they are never hollow. They also come in many sizes and are continually growing in colours and patterns.

Shower Wall Systems in a Box

Poor quality materials are often used in building, and top layer can wear extremely thin very quickly. This can make your shower wall system to appear faded and outdated. Shortly after that it becomes the porous material just below that thin layer, usually fiberglass. Once dirt and grime get inside of the pores in the fiberglass they never come out, ultimately causing your 3-5 year old shower walls to look much older, faded and dirty.

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