Remodeling the Laundry Room

Let’s be honest, we don’t think about the laundry room much. For many homeowners, if it’s not a stacked washer/dryer crammed into a linen closet, it’s a dark, dingy room with bare floors, exposed walls, and zero charm. If you’re planning a home renovation project, why not incorporate a laundry room upgrade, too?

Location, Location, Location

First things first, a laundry room doesn’t by default need to be in the basement. Ask yourself what location makes the most sense for your family. Does it make sense to have it upstairs so you can throw in dirty clothes right away and not have to haul loads of laundry up and down the stairs? On the main floor so you can sort and fold while keeping a watchful eye on the kids (bonus: a main floor laundry room can double as a mudroom)? Or do you want a custom-designed laundry room in the basement with all the storage you could ever need?

Creative Laundry Room Ideas

Who says a laundry room has be a dark, lifeless space? Consider incorporating some of the following ideas:

  • Window to the world. If you have a main floor laundry, why not place it near a window? Bring life to the space with plants and tasteful décor.
  • Let there be light. Task lighting
  • Utility sink. Every laundry room needs a sink, but it can also be a mucky sink where kids can wash hands after playing outside, you can clean your gardening tools, or you can rinse sports gear before heading inside.
  • Hanging rod. This is a cheap and useful addition to any laundry room. Use it air-dry delicates and hang shirts so they don’t get wrinkled after drying.
  • Cupboards can be used to hide away detergents, bleach and other washing accessories that need to be hidden away from the kids.
  • Cabinets help keep the look of your laundry room clean by tucking away hampers, the ironing board, and much more.

Material Choice

When it comes to flooring, water resistance is the key. The last thing you want in the unfortunate case of a washing machine leak is to ruin the floor. Stone, slate, or ceramic tiles are great choices, while vinyl is a budget-friendly alternative. For countertops, consider concrete or stainless steel. Cupboard/cabinet material is entirely up to your style choice.

These are just a few options. You can design and remodel your laundry room as you like. Just let your creative instincts guide you, or talk to the Ottawa renovation pros at RenosGroup to learn more.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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