Renovating an Older Home

If you are considering renovating your older home there are many ways an Ottawa general contractor can help you make updates without taking away the original character and charm.

Focus on Architecture

The architecture of an older home tends to feature far more charm and character than homes that have been mass produced in sub-divisions. Even retro homes that are mid-century modern will have some interesting features you might want to leave untouched. Some common features you might want to repair and refinish as opposed to completely tear out and replace would include:

• Original crown moulding
• Stair cases, including retro 70’s “Brady Bunch” stairs
• Original doors and framing
• Original hardwood or even parquet floors
• Mantles and fireplace detailing
• Special window features such as stained glass and transoms

Items to Salvage

When you are renovating older homes there are also a number of items you might want to discuss salvaging with your Ottawa general contractor. For example if you want to redo your kitchen many older homes might have interesting vintage or even historical details such as sinks and lighting. Even if you do not want to use these items yourself you might be able to sell these items for a fair penny to those who are looking for original pieces for their own renovations. Other items worth salvaging can include:

• Doors
• Trim (might be hard to remove without damage)
• Claw foot tubs
Window panes and storm windows
• Old light switch plates
• Old heating grates
• Old door knobs and cupboard pulls
• Old kitchen and bathroom cabinets
• Old flooring

Items to Update

Your Ottawa general contractor can also assist in updating areas of your home without the need to completely tear out or replace certain features. For example, an old staircase can be reinvented with the addition of modern glass balustrades. Another update can be as simple as painting out dark wood features from baseboards to wainscoting. An old front door might have a certain element of charm while adding to the authenticity of your exterior architecture. Sanding and painting might be a better option than just tearing it out and replacing it. Hardwood and parquet floors can be sanded and given a modern edge with a darker stain. You can even change unneeded closets into interesting alcoves.

Your Ottawa general contractor can help maintain the integrity of your older home while offering a sense of contemporary aesthetics you desire.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

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