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Surviving Your Home Remodel Project

The thought of renovating your home can bring out a mixture of emotions. One emotion sure to make an appearance is frustration! How the heck are you supposed to live a somewhat normal life when your kitchen is scraped back to the bones, there’s a poorly hung curtain acting as your bathroom door and you can’t tell your bedroom from your living room? It sounds like a disaster zone, but really it’s just a temporary setback in your comfort for the luxury of having an amazing post-reno home. Here are some tips on how you can survive living in a reno.

Determine What Will Be Your Living Space

If you are renovating bedrooms or the living room area, it’s especially important to designate another part of the house as your “no reno zone” where you will do most of your living. Yes this may mean that you sleep on a mattress in the kids play room, or that you are watching your television in the dining room next to some construction equipment. However you are able to do it, be sure to designate a construction escape zone where you can rest in peace.

Don’t Stress About Eating Too Much Takeout

There is enough to stress about when living through a home reno, so the level of takeout should not be one of them. If you are renovating your kitchen it only makes sense that your meals are going to have to be supplied elsewhere. Try to be easy on your wallets, but don’t feel bad if you have pizza three times a week. It’s not forever, soon you will be cooking in style.

Be as Easygoing as Possible

This may be the hardest thing to remember for some people. Home renovations are extremely stressful and things can pop up along the way to add to that stress. It’s important to remain as calm, cool, and collected as possible throughout the process and to not stress about things that are out of your control. There will be dust everywhere, there will be equipment and materials all over the place and there will be a constant level of disorganization in your life. If you can manage to be easy breezy through the process it will make things a lot easier on you, mentally speaking.

Budget Accordingly

It’s important to have extra money available for emergencies that come up throughout the home renovation process. There might be reason for additional repairs as walls get taken down or plumbing is closely examined and this can be very stressful if you have already maxed out your budget on the initial plan. Having a contingency set up will save you heartache and stress along the way.

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