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The 10 Home Additions You Need in Your Life

If you love your current home but are looking for ways to add more space to it, or spruce it up, a home addition can help. It can add square footage to your home while also adding more value to it if you plan to sell. If you’re not sure where to start or what the best addition is for you, check out these 10 home additions you need in your life!

Sun Room

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors from inside the comfort of your home? A sunroom is a perfect addition for your home. It lets you take advantage of the beautiful weather any time of year while staying cozy and warm. Just remember to factor in all the furniture you would like to add when creating the floor plan. And don’t forget heating!

Indoor Pool

If you have the budget to add your own private oasis to your home, then why not splurge on an indoor swimming pool? An enclosed indoor pool area ensures that you can swim and lounge year-round, even when it’s cold outside! Your enclosure can also be designed to maximize the sunlight in the winter and fresh air during the summer. Go big or keep it simple with a small lap pool or jacuzzi – the options are endless.

Home Office

Has your work from home business suddenly taken off and you need more space to operate? Instead of spending money on rent, why not build a home office? This addition can be as simple or complex as you wish. You could build out the empty attic or even add on a new wing to your home that has a separate entrance for clients. In downtime, you can repurpose this space for entertaining guests!

Guest Wing

If your kid or parents decide to move in, you could end up needing some extra space to accommodate them – somewhere that’s separate from your home. If you have the space to build a guest ‘cottage’ or wing, this can give you all the space you need. A guest area is great because it can also be used for extra storage space, art or exercise studio, an office, and even a rental unit.

Second or Third Storey

If you’ve outgrown your home and need a much larger space, then an additional storey can make a big difference. Transform a small bungalow into a family home with a full makeover or by adding a third storey space to accommodate a growing family. Remember to check all safety codes and regulations and abide by the by-laws.

Room Addition

A single room structure built onto the side of your house can be used to add an extra bedroom and bathroom to your home. This is a great option when you’re having a new baby or welcoming an ageing parent and don’t want to move. And when you’re creating an entirely new space, remember that you can customize every aspect of the build to suit your needs.

Bump Out

Looking to add more room to expand your kitchen or dining room space? A bump out is a great way to add a few more feet to your home without breaking the bank on a full addition. They are often built to enhance an existing room by providing some extra space.

Garage Addition

Just moved into a new home but want more garage space for a second car or additional storage? A garage addition is the way to go! Depending on how much room you have you could build a two or even three car garage.

Garage Renovation

Looking for a more cost-effective way to add an extra room to your home? If you don’t use your garage, you can easily convert it into a livable space. Renovating a one car garage will instantly add footage to your home. This will likely require some demolition work, flooring, electrical, and framing, but on a cost basis, it’s much more affordable than the above build-outs.

Porch and Deck Additions

You can even extend your space by adding a new deck or porch to your home. This will allow you to get more room to relax and welcome guests. These types of additions can also increase your home’s value and add a little more curb appeal to your lot.

Remodelling a home can be a huge undertaking, which is why you should only hire a professional renovation company to do the work. They will help you determine how much space you need, which addition is best for your home, the type of materials required, and the estimated cost of the project. Only a professional, experienced company will be able to assemble a qualified team and ensure that the construction is done properly. When you’re ready to start your addition process, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today

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