The Hottest Bathroom Trends

Whether you’re cooling off in the shower after a hot summer’s day outside, cuddling up with your partner in a Jacuzzi tub, or trying to wrangle the kids for a quick bath before bed, we demand a lot from our bathrooms. We also deserve for them to be relaxing spaces. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or upgrade, consider this year’s hottest bathroom trends:

Elegant Bathtub

Gone are the days when a bathtub is just a vessel for your shower – this year standalone tubs get the spotlight all to themselves. Whether you want an elegant clawfoot tub with cast iron features and a rolled rim, an Art Deco pedestal bathtub or a freestanding soaker tub made of reinforced acrylic, there is a tub to match any design style. These quality tubs run a pretty penny, but they are incredibly durable and will be well worth the price the first time you soak into the warm and bubbly water.

Dual-Flush Toilet

We don’t talk about toilets much, but they’re definitely an important facet of the bathroom! This year, it’s all about high-efficiency dual-flush toilets. There are two different buttons or handles to flush a different volume of water depending on what is needed. The dual-flush technology cuts down on water usage, helping the environment and trimming your monthly expenses. For an extra luxury, wall hung toilets take up less space and use even less water.

Vanity with Storage

Are you sick of toothbrushes, hairbrushes, makeup, creams, and lotions that you haven’t touched in three years crowding your bathroom counter? A vanity completes the look of the space, but it also serves an important function in terms of organization. Choose from a contemporary urban vanity with natural earth tones and chrome handles, a colonial birch double vanity, or an espresso-coloured wood vanity with sophisticated granite counters.

Everything But the Bathroom Sink

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can invest in a contemporary sink that enhances the look of the space. Choose between popular options like a slim pedestal sink made of China, glass sink with a chrome faucet, or deep ceramic wall mount vessel sink. With waterfall faucets and other aesthetically pleasing features, even kids will be excited to wash up!

If you want to be at the peak of style this year, any one of these elements can give the bathroom renovation look you’ve always imagined. Whether your style is sleek and contemporary or warm and vintage, can make it happen.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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