Top Flooring Trends

It’s hard to imagine that flooring was once just basic material like sand and stone. Flash-forward to today, and there’s a wide array of modern materials, patterns, and textures to choose from. Over time, flooring has become more about aesthetics and less about function. Today, you can use flooring to transform a space to suit your design needs, enhance the value of your home, provide heat and comfort, and wow your guests.  If you’re curious what the top flooring trends, let us show you some of the best styles that are expected hit the market.

Blanched Wood

A softer more white-washed look is definitely in this year. Blanched wood is just hardwood flooring that has undergone a bleaching process to get rid of the stained coating and bring out more ashy colours that maintain the natural wood grains. It’s an elegant look that can give your wood flooring a complete transition and help make your darker furniture pop while brightening your room.

Distressed Concrete

As homeowners look for new alternatives to the traditional wood and tile flooring, concrete has started to make headway.  Now seen more and more in industrial and contemporary style condos, homeowners are also starting to jump on the bandwagon and incorporate it into their homes to fashion a more modern and raw look.

Reclaimed Wood Tiles

You can now enjoy the popular look of old barn wood without having actually to step on a farm or worry about splinters. The look of salvaged barn wood has now been recreated into reclaimed wood tiles. This style is becoming increasingly popular because of its colour variations and unique patterns. So if you’re looking for a more rustic and original look compared to faux wood tiles, reclaimed wood tiles are a must.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Another top flooring trend is using less toxic materials. More environmentally-conscious consumers are choosing finishes and materials that are safer for the environment. So instead of using oil-based polyurethane, people are switching to waterborne polyurethanes for their floors.

Wire Brushing

If you like the look of distressed wood but not the feel, wire brushed wood may be for you. By using a wire brush, the underlying wood becomes exposed, enhancing the grain of the wood. What you get is a lot of texture without the roughness of distressed wood.

Textured Laminate

With ever more improvements in graphic design, laminates are now coming in a wide variety of amazing textures and patterns. From geometric graphics, irregular patterns, to dots and lines, the laminate flooring of today is far from boring.

Recycled Carpet

If you prefer the look and feel of carpet, you may want to consider changing out your old carpet for a more environmentally-friendly version. Recycled carpets are all the rave, made from eco-friendly nylon that is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Surface Printing

Cork has been around for a while now but it has recently become the perfect material for digital printing. The options are endless, so whatever your design preference is, like stone, wood, or abstract patterns, you can have your favourite medium simulated onto your cork flooring.

There’s a lot to be excited about with these top flooring trends. So when you’re ready to make some design changes to your home, contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427. We can help you change out your old flooring to a brand new beautiful style and at an affordable cost. Call us today to find out more.

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