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Undermount Sink with a Laminate Countertop ???

For years many homeowners and renovation professionals have wondered if an undermount sink could be installed on a laminate countertop and most thought NO.

Undermount sink with laminate countertop - Renovation Ottawa - RenosGroup.caFact is it can be……… it simply requires a certain type of sink.  However this is not a renovation project for a homeowner to take on, it’s best left for a professional as it requires specialty tools to complete.  Karran Sinks is the pioneer of undermount sinks to laminate countertops, they produce stainless steel, solid surface (acrylic) and quarts sinks.  Both the stainless steel and solid surface (acrylic) sinks can be installed under a laminate countertop, I have listed some links below to the manufacturers website and photo gallery for you to easily check out some of these beautiful laminate set ups.

Some may ask……..why would a homeowner choose an undermount sink over a top mount sink ?

  1. Of course undermount sinks have a sleeker and more streamlined look.  Most top mount sinks have a thick rim that is can be less attractive
  2. Top mount sinks are glued to countertops with silicone, this silicone can become difficult to clean and with all the moisture normally around sinks, it can be growth area for bacteria and mold
  3. Then there is the ease of simply wiping off the countertop into the sink without all the little stuff getting stuck at the edge of the sink

It takes a sink with a specific edge rim width of 1″ made from a resin, machined completely flat and meets the sink wall at a sharp 90 degree angle.  Karran Sinks offers a variety of sinks that will install under laminate……but there are also other solid surface (acrylic) sinks on the market that can work for this as well.

Karran Sinks has several styles of patented stainless steel sinks with the modified rim mentioned above that can be seamlessly undermounted on laminate countertops.  A solid surface adhesive is used to bond the laminate to the sink and also prevents any moisture from getting in between any of the edges.

Gallery of manufacturer’s pictures


Link to video on how a stainless steel sink is installed under laminate countertop
Link to video on how a solid surface (acrylic) sink is install under laminate countertop

Undermount sink with laminate countertop - Renovation Ottawa -

Undermount sink with laminate countertop – Renovation Ottawa –


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