Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to break the bank. These affordable kitchen design ideas will help you update your kitchen on a budget:

Delightful Lighting

Shed a little light on your drab kitchen with new lighting fixtures. Pendant lighting is ideal over islands to add personality and a sense of modern design. You can also install task lighting beneath your cupboards to give your kitchen a modern edge. Breakfast nooks receive an instant touch of elegance with the sparkle of a chandelier hung low above your table.  Living room lighting ideas

Add an Island

Many kitchen renovations in Ottawa include an island. If your kitchen space allows consider adding an affordable island that is a little unconventional. Look for interesting finds at flea markets and garage sales for items such as old tables, dressers and even side buffets that can be repurposed. You can add extra height to tables getting creative with items such as newel posts or garden fencing poles and add a lick of paint to complete the look.

Eye Popping Wallpaper

The trend for large geometric patterns on walls is the perfect and affordable update for your kitchen. You can use wallpaper on just about any wall including a dull and uninspired backsplash. It can be added in small areas such as across your bulk head, on a focal wall behind your dining area or throughout the kitchen for a real wow factor. You can even consider adding wallpaper insets on your kitchen cabinet doors.


Many kitchen renovations dream of always include new custom cabinets. Give your kitchen a face lift with a paint job on your boring, dated cabinets. It just takes a good sanding, primer and a few coats of paint for a total transformation to your kitchen. Cream or black add sophistication, white is filled with country or contemporary charm and grey can add a modern edge. You can add a focal point with a bright colour such as red or lime green for upper cabinets or go with one colour for a unified look.

New Fixtures

Oversized door pulls in modern metals make lots of impact for a small price. A new faucet can add sparkle and help bring a new look to an old sink. Painted cabinets without pulls have an edgy look.

As you can see kitchen renovations are within your reach with these affordable updates.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 for your next kitchen project

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