What is Universal Kitchen Design?

Home is where the heart is, and we all know that the heart is where the kitchen is. The kitchen is, without a doubt, the focal point of a home. It’s where you and your family spend time together, eating, collaborating on new recipes, discussing homework, and so much more. That’s why the design of your kitchen is so important – it should permit and encourage those interactions.

It’s all about providing a cohesive, open and inviting atmosphere, and that’s what the universal kitchen design aims to create.  It combines aesthetics with functionality, along with the added benefits of safety and comfort. Here’s a breakdown of how this universal design can be benefit your kitchen. Universal design principles ensure that your kitchen is truly accessible to everyone regardless of age, size, or ability.


Safety First

When it comes to the kitchen, safety always comes first – especially if you have young children. Always consider this when developing your kitchen design. For example, when laying out the stove, sink and countertops, try to always ensure that there is sufficient room to manoeuvre without congestion in the kitchen. That means having enough counter space to easily place objects from the stove.


Design that Makes Sense

Universal layouts are all about creating a design that makes sense. So when you need to move from the sink to the dishwasher, or have bake-offs with your kids, your design provides room and space so that you and your family can easily place things down, fill things up and interact with each other. Whatever needs to be done, think ahead of how it can flow cohesively and make sense for your family and lifestyle.


Minimal Effort

No one likes to expend unnecessary amounts of energy. And starting your kitchen design off with the right layout and design can help to alleviate any unnecessary effort and aggravation. For example, storing appliances and bakeware in locations within the kitchen that make sense to how and where you use them; or even installing appliances that are easy to clean and don’t provide your arms with a serious workout can make all the difference for keeping your life that much easier.


Monitoring Ability

These days, with the high-tech appliances that are available, you can sit back and relax in the living room as dinner cooks away. Instead of worrying about the hot stove, the kids, or the pets, your appliances can monitor them for you with visual or auditory alarms. Talk about convenience!

Creating a space that optimizes functionality, cohesiveness, and a layout that just makes life a bit easier for you, is what universal kitchen designs are all about. And it’s no wonder more homeowners are jumping on board with these layouts. When it comes to your home, who doesn’t want to make life easier? specializes in mobility renovations. Our renovations strive to provide more space to manoeuver, better access to cabinets and counters without benching or reaching, and safety to cook in comfort. The team of renovators insists on a free in-home consultation to ensure we get your renovation done right.  Or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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