Winter-Inspired Decor Changes for Your Home

As soon as the temperatures drop and the snow falls, it’s time to make your home cozy with classic winter styles. Think big fur blankets, colourful bows, decorative wreaths, and vibrant plants. There are plenty of winter-inspired decor changes for your home that you can do to brighten up your living space. Here are just a few of our favourites to try.

Porch Decorations

The first thing people see when they come to your home or drive by is your porch, so why not give it a festive touch this winter? You can use planters and fill them with evergreens and pinecones, colourful decorations, and ribbons to give a holiday feel, or you can add beautiful garland around your doorway with pinecones and berries to make your porch really festive.

Festive Potted Plants

One look that we love includes using large potted plants filled with tall Birch branches, bright red bows, and white and silver twigs to fill in all those empty corners throughout your living room and kitchen. You could even make some smaller planters packed with berries and cones to fill up any empty counter space or to be perched on a window sill in order to add more depth and colour to a room.

Candle Lanterns

Beautiful lanterns can add warmth, light, and some coziness to your home. If you prefer making these yourself, try adding some cranberry, pinecones, and faux snowflakes for a more winter-inspired look. You can also use these along your front door and stairs to brighten up the exterior of your home.

Colourful Wreaths

A must-have winter decoration is the door wreath. You can easily pick one up at your local department store, but where’s the fun in that? They are so easy to make, and it’s also a fun way for the family to spend some quality time together. Get creative with the classic Christmas style filled with fresh bows, flowers and pine, or experimental with unique materials and decorations like cork and gingerbread.

Decorative Winter Lighting

Not just for Christmas time, roof lights can be used all winter long to add a touch of light and warmth to your home. Our favourite hues include white and blue lights because they glimmer nicely off the snow. If you want to illuminate a certain area or garden decoration, try adding LED spotlights directed at the area or place twinkle lights in and around it to make it stand out at night.

Branches and Berries

Winter is not winter without the branches and berry décor. If you want to add a classic winter look this season, buy or create a centrepiece made from red dogwood branches and berries for your dining room table. You can also add them around the home to create more atmosphere and a cheery festive feel.

Wall Decals

You should also head over to your local department store and pick up a few winter-inspired wall decals. Decals are a great way to add some real winter scenes to your home. Some come with inspirational quotes and others with designs like snowflakes or lifelike winter landscapes. Best of all, they are removable so they can be interchanged as many times as you wish.

Throw Pillows

Having a few winter-themed throw pillows can make a real difference to your home. By adding winter-themed ones around the home, you can give any dull room a festive look. Wherever you need a little warmth just add one with green, red, or yellow accents. If you want a more relaxed look, there are a number of winter-themed pillows you could purchase in browns, greys, and faux fur.

Soft Warm Blankets

Keep warm, cozy, and in style this winter with soft decorating fabrics like fur and wool. These can be used to snuggle up by the fireplace or can be placed over the side of the couch as a decorative accent that adds more comfort to your home.

Seasonal Plants

There are plenty of vibrant plants that you can use to fill your home with colour. If you want to make a room pop just add a few potted poinsettias to any room that needs an accent or splash of colour. Smaller ones filled with orchids or irises are also a great addition to any bedside, coffee, or dining room tables come winter. The scents will fill the rooms and bring some life to your home during the winter time.

Small winter-inspired changes to your decor can make a big difference to the look of your home. By adding some warm tones and creating a cozy atmosphere, you can really spruce up your home this winter.  Too learn more about winter-inspired decor changes for your home don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today

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