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Creating a Relaxation Zone

After a long and exhausting day, your body and mind need to regroup, relax and recharge. But sadly, that isn’t what they always get. Even with good intentions, once you get home, it’s easy enough to get swept up into more commitments, chaos, and technology. But by creating a relaxation zone, you can force yourself to unplug and unwind. Create a relaxation zone in your home as part of your home renovation project with some of these ideas in mind.

Create a space that is inviting

If each individual room throughout your home represents some form of individual chaos, clearly these are not going to be in any way conducive to relaxing. You need to create a designated relaxation space that will easily lure you in when your mind is pressing on to do more. First of all, find a room or space that can be your space to Zen out in. Then, start to get creative with how you can make it soothing and comfortable. Consider placing your favourite chair beside a bright window. Throw down a cozy rug and some oversized pillows to reinforce those mellow vibes. Add some soothing candles and essential oils to enhance that calming ambience. It really doesn’t take much to create a soothing and inviting space.

Make it your own

Once you’ve incorporated some soothing elements into your space, make it your designated spot that no one else can invade. That means that it can’t become a spare room or space for clutter to get thrown, it can’t be a space where the kids are allowed to barge in and play, it can’t be a space that is used for any other purpose other than for you to relax and unwind. Make it yours.

Remove Technology

One of the important aspects of having a relaxation zone is to have it as a designated “Dead Zone” meaning, keep technology out of the equation. Try to correlate your relaxation time as a time to also unplug. Remove any televisions or smart devices. Also, if you have a modem that happens to be located close to your relaxation zone, relocate it. Make this a designated “Dead Zone” for any form of tech gear, aside from maybe a CD player to provide some soothing music.

In today’s hectic, overworked world, finding – or rather, making – time to relax is so important. Without this, we get stressed out and burnt out. Make relaxation a priority by creating a zone or space in your home that is welcoming and conducive to this. It really doesn’t take much. You can get started by using some of these simple ideas.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

4 Things to Consider When Doing a Bathroom Reno

Taking on a bathroom renovation can be a grueling project, but one that’s worthy of the effort – especially if you ever consider placing your home up for sale. It can bump up the resale value, and of course, boost the luxury of your interior. But before you begin knocking down walls and removing the toilet, there are some important things to consider when doing a bathroom reno. Here’s what they include:

Do you have an alternative bathroom to use?

Remember, once you begin that renovation to your bathroom, it will become inaccessible for a while. So using the toilet, sink, and shower won’t exactly be an option. That’s why before getting started you should figure out a plan for these important necessities. Whether you have a second bathroom to use, or the neighbour is kind enough to let you use their shower, make a plan for bathroom usage so that you won’t end up stuck when it really matters.

What sort of functionality will you need?

Is this going to be a primary guest bathroom or one more so for your own personal use? This is important to determine so that you can think about the layout and functionality of the bathroom. Are you looking to create a luxurious, spa-like getaway in the comfort of this bathroom, or is it merely an additionally one to free up your primary one during those hectic mornings? This will help you determine whether a bathtub is necessary or not, whether two sinks are necessary or not, along with other design features that will create your desired space.

Will you need storage incorporated into the design?

If you live in a condo or are simply limited on space, you know that any potential for storage is important. Think about how and where areas for storage can be incorporated and how you can optimize space for those essential toiletries.

What is your budget?

Determining your budget is the safest way to keep your expenditures at a range that won’t shock you once everything is completed. A bathroom reno project can quickly turn into one that ends up costing much more than anticipated, especially with all of the high-end décor items and fancy faucets that look so tempting at the home décor store. In order to avoid serious temptation and stick to what you can afford, create a budget before you begin shopping for your remodelling items.

Bathroom renos can be a big undertaking, but they can also be fun! Consider each of these factors first before jumping ahead with your Ottawa bathroom renovation.  To learn more things to consider when doing a bathroom reno, don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

5 Reasons to Finish Your Unfinished Basement

The basement can often become one of the most neglected rooms in a home. But it can also have some of the best potential for providing additional space for a variety of purposes. It can benefit your entire family and your resale value in the future. If you’ve been thinking about finishing your basement, consider these five reasons why it can benefit your home.

Create More Space

Having an unfinished basement is really wasting a space that could have so much potential. Depending on the size and layout, you can create an additional space that can be turned into whatever you need or want in your home. Whether it’s another bedroom, an income suite, a children’s playroom, or even a den for yourself where you get to indulge in your personalized entertainment space – there are so many options!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Aside from additional space, investing in finishing your basement can also significantly improve the value of your home. Potential buyers want to purchase a home where there’s little renovation needed. Having your basement upgraded and finished is one of the best ways to keep buyers interested in your property if you should ever consider selling in the future.

Increase Storage and Organization

Basements are the perfect place to store away items that aren’t frequently used. You can create a space in the basement purely for keeping all of your storage organized and tidy, while still have space to utilize for enjoyment. So rather than having to rely on your garage for storing away old boxes and risk having them ruined by any potential mildew, you can keep them safe and dry, out of sight and well organized.

Improve Health and Safety

Finishing your basement not only provides more space and storage, but it can also improve the health and safety of your home as well. Basements that are neglected can become a haven for mould to develop and grow since water damage and leaks can become a common problem. By taking the time to renovate it now, you can avoid and eliminate the potential for toxic mold and water problems in the future.

Comfortable and Economical

There’s no better place to get some reprieve during the summer heat waves than down in the cool basement. But when it’s unfinished, no one wants to even consider stepping down there. By renovating it into a comfortable space, you and the family can utilize it during the summer, and even save on those energy bills by avoiding the need to crank up the A/C as often.

If you’re undecided about investing in your unfinished basement, it truly can be one of the most rewarding projects to undertake. Aside from it improving the safety and resale value of your home, you can create a comfortable and economical space that you and the family can enjoy.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

Adding a Basement Games Room

The wintertime is perfect for spending quality time inside together with the people you love the most. But after a few months of feeling cooped up at home, all that time spent indoors can begin to wear on you and family, leaving you feeling restless and bored. A games room can offer the perfect kind of entertainment that you and the family can embrace all year long – especially during those cold spells that keep you cooped up at home.

So why not embrace that quality time at home together with a games room that the whole family can have some fun with? Here’s how to plan it out and get started!

Consider Where it will be Located

Whether it’s your basement or a spare den off of the main floor, wherever you are considering housing your games room, give it some careful thought. Location is important. When those air hockey pucks go flying, you don’t want them to be anywhere near your fragile furniture. A games room is all about having a room to escape, get a little crazy, while still being able to keep your home safe and well intact. Put some careful thought on where yours should be located.

Make it Comfy and Inviting

Having a games room doesn’t just mean throwing a few games in a room for the kids. This can be your space, too. So consider adding those elements of comfort and luxury that you will enjoy. Maybe it’s big, comfy chairs, or a cute little bar. Whatever it is, add some elements that will make it a warm and inviting space that you will actually want to use.

Consider Games to Add

Of course, your games room should be tailored with games that you and the family will love. So take the time to think about what type of games you want. Maybe it’s pinball machines and air hockey, or foosball and a beautiful pool table as the main feature. Or you could add an entertainment system with the latest and greatest 3D consoles. The options are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

Having a games room is all about providing a space where you can have some fun and entertainment at home while spending quality time together. Whether it’s throwing down a game of foosball or setting up a snooker tournament with your friends, an entertainment space that you can call your own is the perfect addition to any home, especially during those long winter months when you’re cooped up inside!

Have you got a basement renovation on the mind?  For more info on adding a basement games room, give a call at (613)727-9427 to book your free in-home consultation and discover what opportunities await.

Remodelling for the Long Term

If you’ve endured home renovations in the past, chances are that you know very well just how gruelling and expensive they can be. What starts as a fun weekend DIY projects turns into months of living in a dusty construction zone. When you start to consider doing some renos on your new home, you want to make sure that you hire a professional general contractor and ensure whatever you’re investing in will give you the most amount of ROI in the future. Before you starting remodelling your home, here are some key factors to consider to get the best return on your investment that will serve you well for the long term.

Neutral or Calming Walls

When you’re in the midst of deciding what colour to throw on your walls, a good idea is to avoid anything harsh or bold. If you want to get the best long-term benefit out of that paint, your best bet is to go for neutral or calming colours. That way, if you decide that you no longer like the designs and accenting features in your home, you won’t be limited by the colour on your walls, or have to repaint them.

Adding Windows

If you’re feeling unsure about knocking down a few walls in order to enhance the natural light in your home, take comfort in knowing that this renovation will serve you and the value of your home well in the future. Adding more natural light to a home is always a smart idea. If you were on the fence about this one – let there be light!

Be Bold Through Accessories

Of course, we still need to incorporate some fun, flair, and colour into the interior design and one of the best ways for doing this through accessories. Accessories such as your cushions, artwork, or even curtains, are all great ways to help add in some vibrant colour without requiring any significant expense or alteration down the road. So if you happen to grow tired of a particular colour that’s dotted throughout your home, you can easily switch it up.

Make Functionality a Priority

No matter what you do, always have functionality as a priority in your design. For example, when it comes to your kitchen, make sure that the location of your appliances, countertops and cupboards all make sense to the flow of the space. That way, even if you have to change any aesthetics in the future, the main bulk layout (and expense) won’t have to be altered.

It’s always important to consider what makes the most sense for the long-term when remodelling your home. So before you begin those blueprints, consider these tips to help you make the right decisions that will benefit you and your home the most in the future.

Looking for home design ideas that will look just as good in a year or ten? is Ottawa’s choice for expert kitchen, bathroom, and whole-home renovation projects with a focus on timeless finishes and design choices.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

What Renovation Projects Add Home Value?

Performing renovations to your home not only improves the aesthetic appeal, but when done correctly, can also add value to your home. However, if your sole purpose for renovating is to increase that value with a high return on investment (ROI), there are certain projects that – despite all your efforts – won’t make the dollar sign increase to make it worth your while. If you’re trying to plan your next home reno, here are the best areas of focus if you want additional value that is worth your while.

The Kitchen

If you were questioning whether it’s worth it to rip out those dated cabinets and cupboards – it is! Just like we’ve always been told, the kitchen is one of the most important features of a home, especially when it comes to selling it. It’s the most utilized room, and therefore the most significant. For any areas that look decrepit, outdated, or just ugly, renovating and upgrading them will benefit your ROI in the future. If budget is tight, affordable but effective changes like replacing cabinet hardware and adding a modern backsplash are well worth it. If the budget is higher, a new countertop, new floors, and new sink will pay off. To save money, try to keep your existing cabinets if they’re in good shape, and avoid moving the plumbing (sink, dishwasher) if you can help it.

The Flooring

These days, flooring is a big deal, and new buyers aren’t exactly keen on purchasing a home when they know they’ll have to spend more time and money ripping up that floor. It’s worth your time and money to bite the bullet and install that beautiful hardwood flooring that buyers are looking for. Then, you can just tack on a little extra when it comes to your selling price – you can bet that people are willing to pay more for work that’s already been done. If your carpeting is in rough shape, consider peeling a corner discreetly to see if hardwood lays underneath.

The Exterior

If your exterior has little to no curb appeal, you can bet that it will impact any prospects for selling. Since your exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see, it’s one of the most important for giving them a great impression of the home. Whether it’s the dead lawn, cracked patio stones, or crumbling façade of the home – add it to your renovation list!

The Basement

Gone are the days when the state of the basement wasn’t really a significant factor in the success for selling purposes. But today, more and more homeowners take great value in having that extra space remodelled and finished, not only for the potential purpose of having an extra den or TV room, but for renting purposes as well. So if your basement is unfinished and could use some extra TLC, take the time to finish it. This goes doubly so if your basement is damp or mouldy.

When it comes time to place your home up for sale, you want to make sure that the effort you put into your renovations will benefit your return on investment. So focus on these main areas and you’ll be set to bump up that value to your home, guaranteed. What renovations will pay off for you? Schedule a free in-home consultation with Our Ottawa general contractor will evaluate your home and recommend the best areas for improvement.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

Biggest Bathroom Renovation Trends

Every year, the home and garden website Houzz conducts a survey measuring the behaviours and interests of North American homeowners. So, what trends do we see in bathroom renovations this year? Are homeowners expanding bathrooms or working with the existing footprint? What are the biggest bathroom renovation trends?

Supersize Showers

Even if the footprint remains the same, homeowners want supersized showers, especially in the master bathroom. In fact, 84% of homeowners upgraded their master showers during the bathroom renovation. 30% of master bath showers were increased by 50% of more in size.

Mobility Renovations

The Baby Boomer generation is three times more likely to install grab bars and other accessibility features than younger generations. However, other features of mobility renovations like hand-held shower heads, shower seats, non-slip flooring, and thermostatic mixers were popular regardless of the age of the homeowner.

What Matters Most in Terms of Design

Most homeowners reported that they wanted their renovated bathrooms to be stylish and beautiful (83%) or to have a spa-like atmosphere (41%). Other popular design elements include a reflection of personality (38%), abundant natural light (34%), making a statement (23%), being energy efficient (22%), being eco-friendly (8%), and being romantic (7%).

What Matters Most in Terms of Function

55% of homeowners wanted a bathroom that was easy to clean (55%), while 53% of respondents wanted easy storage. Other important functions include good lighting (47%), compatible for two people (46%), easy to get ready in (36%), relaxing (34%), and making the homeowner look good (2%).

How Often Are Bathrooms Renovated?

According to the survey, 46% of homeowners last upgraded the bathroom between 16 to 30 years ago. 30% of full baths were last upgraded more than 30 years ago! Some homeowners have the renovation bug, though, with 4% of full baths being remodeled under five years after the last renovation.

What Style is Most Popular?

Contemporary is the most popular style (25%), followed by traditional (21%), and transitional (18%). Other popular styles include modern (10%), eclectic (5%), craftsman (5%), and beach (3%).

Flooring & Walls

Ceramic was the most popular title choice, followed closely by porcelain. Other common flooring options included marble, wood, travertine, and linoleum. Paint was the overwhelming favourite wall finish (71%), but other common choices included ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, wood, travertine, and wallpaper.


Many homeowners placed an emphasis on good lighting in the bathroom. The most common options were wall sconces (60-64%) and recessed lighting (44-61%), followed by lighted mirrors (14-16%), chandeliers (5-15%), and pendant lamps (9-12%). However, in 12% of masters and 17% of family baths, the lighting was not upgraded at all.

Whether you want to follow the popular trends or set out on  your own path, is here to help make your bathroom renovation dream a reality. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

5 Home Renovations and Additions That Add the Most Value

Ottawa homeowners plan renovations and additions to address their changing lifestyle or family needs. However, improving the resale value of the home should also be a consideration. Here are five home renovation and additions that add the most value to the home:

Kitchen Renovation

According to HGTV, homeowners can expect to recoup between 60 to 120% of the cost of the kitchen renovation when it comes time to sell. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and no one wants to see an outdated kitchen with linoleum countertops, scuffed flooring, and appliances that could break down at any minute. A kitchen remodel can be as simple as replacing hardware, upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, and giving cabinets and walls a fresh coat of paint. Of course, a fully upgraded kitchen renovation from a trusted Ottawa contractor like would wow potential buyers and add a lot of value to your home.

Bathroom Remodel or Addition

Bathroom additions pay back 80% to 130% of their cost when it comes time to sell the home. Nobody wants to walk into a humid and cramped bathroom that hasn’t been upgraded in thirty years. Whether you are updating the family bathroom, creating a stunning master bedroom, or adding a powder room on the main floor, all of these upgrades pay off when it’s time to sell. Home buyers expect to have at least two bathrooms in a home, and a master bathroom is always a desired bonus.

Finished Basement

Homeowners can expect to recoup 70 to 80% of the cost of a finished basement renovation. Don’t turn off home buyers with a perfect home that has an unfinished basement. Your basement can house a media room, guest bedroom, kid’s play area, exercise room, laundry room, or even an income suite.

Deck Addition

Remember, the value of your property extends beyond the home itself. Upgrade your outdoor space with a deck addition, which returns 65 to 95% on investment. Enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation with an outdoor kitchen, built-in seating, outdoor dining area, and more. When it’s time to sell, you’ll be glad you made the upgrade.

Full Home Addition

Sometimes, space is the biggest problem of all. The return on investment will vary depending on the size and function of the full home addition. Create a master suite, in-law suite, great room, or transform the layout of your home with the extra space.

For more inspiration, contact Ottawa contractor to find out which home renovation or additions that add the most value to your home.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Making the Perfect Man Cave

After a long hard day at work, there’s nothing you deserve more than to retreat to a cozy and comfortable space in your home. When a living room or den won’t cut it, you need a man cave – the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment. Ottawa basement contractors recommend these must-have items for the perfect man cave:

Comfortable Furniture

A man cave starts and ends with comfortable furniture. You want a variety of seating options to suit every need. You may opt for a recliner or two to sit in while you watch your favourite team play, or go for a cushy leather couch for when you watch movies. You can take your man cave to the next level with bar stools and comfortable seats around a poker or card table.

Entertainment Centre

A man cave is all about entertainment. You’ll want to invest in a nice setup, with a big screen TV, surround sound stereo and gaming consoles. For a classy look, Ottawa basement contractors can construct a built-in media centre designed to your specific needs. Not only will it look awesome, but every electronic device will have its proper place.

Bar & Refreshments

While a couch and TV fit the basics, you’ll really wow guests if you opt for refreshment options and even a custom-built bar. You can buy a mini bar fridge to keep your thirst quenched, or enlist the help of Ottawa basement contractors to design your dream basement bar. Whether you want warm wood topped with elegant granite or budget-friendly laminate, your contract can make this luxurious add-on a reality.

Fun & Games

During the sports off-season, you can still keep your buddies entertained. Shoot some pool, test your aim with darts, keep the sports action going with a foosball or air hockey table, or practice your bluffing skills with a poker table. If quarters are tight, you can even buy an all-in-one table with interchangeable surfaces for most of these activities.

When you think man cave, you may not be too bothered about words like design, style, and décor. Decorate the room with classic movie posters, sports memorabilia, or neon signs, and you’ll give your man cave the perfect look. You might go for a specific theme, like an Ottawa Senators-themed hangout with red walls and framed jerseys, or a James Bond theme with a sharp look and some movie memorabilia. Or maybe you just want a mishmash – whatever you choose, make it yours.

Creating the perfect man cave can be easy. With the help of Ottawa basement contractors, you can design, plan, and build your dream basement retreat.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

Designing a Kid Friendly Basement

If you are about to embark on the basement finishing Ottawa homeowners often undergo, families should always make their basements kid friendly. Here are some tips that will help you create a perfect space for kids:

Workspace for Homework

Teachers always advise that kids have a designated area for homework. This space should be free of interruption and have all the tools a child will need. When designing your basement, Ottawa contractors can help you come up with the perfect work area for your studious little ones. You want to have a large desk or counter surface that will be able to accommodate projects that might need a bristle board as well as a computer and space to open text books. In smaller spaces a built in counter is ideal with drawers below and shelves above. In larger basements you can use a nice large desk where kids can spread out their work. You also want to have good lighting, comfortable seating and plenty of storage space for supplies.

Indoor Playground

There are many fun additions you can add to your basement finishing Ottawa kids will love. An indoor playground will offer a safe, year round area that will help keep your kids active. Consider adding a climbing wall with a comfy, foam floor where kids can take fun tumbles. You can also look at installing a basketball hoop, slide and even a tire swing. Consider your kids’ interests and look at ideas such as a little stage where they can put on shows, indoor jungle gyms and fun crawl spaces where kids can hide. The space under the stairs can make a cozy reading space with book shelves, lots of pillows and an overhead pot light.


Carpeting is a must for kid friendly spaces. It will allow kids to crawl around, laze, read and avoid injury. Install wall to wall carpeting in the area designated for play. You can then add a more sophisticated flooring like hardwood in the “adult” area. Foam tile works well for kids as well.

Chalkboard Wall

Kids love to draw and play games like school. Paint an entire wall using chalkboard paint so kids can get creative and also not be tempted to paint or colour on areas they shouldn’t.

These tips will help you create a perfect kid friendly basement the whole family will love.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

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