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The Boldest Kitchen Renovations Kanata Has Ever Seen

Is your kitchen in Kanata in desperate need of an extreme makeover? Would you love to lighten up the colors of your countertops and cabinets? Then you need to pick up the phone and call us at RenosGroup.

We offer in-depth kitchen renovations in Kanata and surrounding areas.

You’ll love our free in-home consultations, remarkable craftsmanship, and open communication.

Kanata is a high-tech and fast-paced neighborhood. It’s one of the largest suburbs of Ottawa, and there are some beautiful homes there. In particular, Kanata Lakes has gorgeous high-end housing.

If you want your home to compete with the best, renovations are a must. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so everything needs to be perfect. Our team will help you design a kitchen that’s beautiful, practical, and cheery. Read on if you want to learn how we can totally transform your kitchen into something special in Kanata.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Kanata is a diverse neighborhood with a lot of offerings home-wise. Kanata Lakes has high-end housing, while older areas have more affordable options. It’s also the home of all the high-tech companies in Ottawa.

As a result, the neighborhood’s homes are cutting-edge and technological.

In order for your home to have value, you need to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.

So if you want to add to your resell value, your kitchen needs to have something unique. The second that a potential buyer enters your kitchen, they should let out an audible, “Wow!”

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, a standout kitchen is always a great idea. After all, you’ll be in your kitchen every time that you eat or prepare a meal. That’s why you need a kitchen that’s practical, beautiful, and vibrant.

Renovations are the best way to enhance a dull kitchen. When you enter your kitchen, what do you see? What do you feel as you fire up your skillet getting ready to cook?

If you feel depressed and dread having to cook, then something is wrong.

The good news is that renovations can fix all your kitchen woes.

Our team at RenosGroup can transform your dull kitchen into a culinary paradise. Thanks to our free in-home consultations, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote. During the consult, we’ll bring our in-house interior designer. They will suss out all the visual details of your remodel. We excel in clear communication, so you’ll stay updated every step of the way. You can also request any changes during the entire process.

So if your kitchen gives you nightmares, it’s time for a change. You can always give us a call at RenosGroup for the best kitchen renovations Kanata has to offer.

Reasons to Renovate Your Kanata Kitchen

So you may be on the fence about undergoing renovations. If you aren’t sure if you need to renovate or not, here are some of the top reasons to do so:

Practical Renovations

For a kitchen, practicality is absolutely essential. Cooking is a laborious chore, and it’s made even more challenging when your kitchen has a terrible layout. If your pots, pans, and utensils are a mile away from your stove, you aren’t doing things right.

An ideal kitchen has all your tools right where you need them.

So if you have to walk around in circles to gather all your materials, renovations are ideal.

Too many people have a limited scope of what renovations can accomplish. To the majority, kitchen renovations are strictly superficial. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, one of the top reasons to renovate a kitchen is to improve the practicality of the layout.

We’re continually enhancing our client’s kitchens through smart renovations. Here are a few examples of how we can make your kitchen more practical:

  • Open shelving. Having to open and close every cabinet in your kitchen can be pretty cumbersome. That’s why open shelving is becoming more and more prevalent. Not only does it look sophisticated, but it’s marvelous for practicality. Now you simply need to reach up and grab what you need from your shelves. There’s no slamming of cupboards or cabinets to fetch a spatula and a pan. Open shelving is also great for being able to cook at night quietly.
  • Kitchen islands. If your kitchen doesn’t have an island, then you’re missing out. Kitchen islands look sleek and elegant, and they also provide more storage space. We can build islands that have cabinets underneath so that you can store your coffee makers, blenders, and more. A kitchen island can also provide some much-needed cooking space on top. We offer a wide variety of kitchen islands, so don’t wait to request one during your consultation.
  • Like open shelving, hooks have become more prevalent in recent years as well. If you’re quite the chef and have a fleet of cooking tools, hooks are a great way to store them. Once again, you won’t have to fiddle with cupboards or cabinets to retrieve your main cooking tools. Simply grab the tool off the hook and put it back on when you’re done. Hooks can also look quite stylish, and your visitors will be impressed by your collection of cooking tools.

These are just a few ways that we can use renovating to improve the layout of your kitchen. We can perform other quick fixes, too, such as rearranging your appliances. An example would be moving your fridge if your cabinets hit it when they open.

Renovating for Visual Appeal

We wouldn’t be able to offer Kanata the best kitchen renovations around if we didn’t master aesthetics. That’s a big reason why we have an in-house interior designer. It’s our goal to provide renovations that are truly stunning to see.

Visual appeal is a big reason to renovate your kitchen. Please take a look around your kitchen as it is right now. What do you see? Is the wallpaper peeling off? Do you have outdated kitchen tiles? Are your appliances all from the 1960s? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then you should renovate immediately!

Our interior designer will help you come up with a kitchen design that’s pleasing to the eye.

It’s ideal to have a kitchen that looks great and is pleasant to be in for long periods.

That means lots of vibrant colors, symmetry, stylish layouts, lighting fixtures, and more. We’ve have access to thousands of fantastic kitchen products to choose from at RenosGroup. You’ll love our supplier’s flooring solutions, tiles, backsplashes, and countertops.

It’s much easier to cook a large meal in a kitchen that puts you in a good mood than a dreary one. The chances are that your food will end up tasting better as a result. So if you want to stay on top of your cooking game, you need a five-star kitchen that looks amazing.

Adding Value to Your Home

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Langholm Crescent

Do you plan on selling your home in the near future? If so, then you want to get as much money as you can for it. To do so, you’ll need to undergo renovations to add to your resell value.

When it comes to renovating to add value, your kitchen is one of the most important rooms. If your kitchen doesn’t instantly wow potential buyers, they probably won’t make an offer.

To sell your home for the most money, you need a kitchen that stands out and impresses everyone.

If your kitchen looks dated and has old appliances, you’re killing your resell value. By reaching out to us at RenosGroup, we’ll provide you with stunning renovations that will add lots of value to your home. That way, you can sell your home for its maximum value.


Lastly, a big reason to renovate your kitchen in Kanata is to update it to the modern age. You see, older kitchens don’t just look bad; they also waste lots of energy. That’s because older appliances are terrible for their energy efficiency.

If your dishwasher is 50 years old, then it’s killing your utility bill each month.

You’ll end up saving lots of money on your monthly bills by updating your appliances.

We can help you do this at RenosGroup. While we’re at it, we’ll update and upgrade the rest of your dated kitchen. You may think that you’re saving money by holding on to your ancient appliances, but the opposite is true. You’ll end up saving a lot more money by upgrading.

Another reason to retrofit is to update outdated looks. If you’ve got floral wallpaper, bean bag chairs, and old green countertops, it’s time for an update. Our interior designer will help you achieve a stylish look for your new kitchen. Don’t worry; we can stick to a retro feel if that’s your thing. Yet, there are many ways to provide a modern-retro feel that doesn’t waste energy or look bad.

If you want to sell your home, then retrofitting becomes a necessity. You won’t get much for a kitchen that has decor from the 60s. So if you plan on selling your home in Kanata, you need to get in touch with us for renovations.

Why Choose Us for Kitchen Renovations in Kanata?

Now that you know why renovations are essential, why should you use us? After all, there are lots of general contractors in Ottawa and Kanata.

Well, you should know that not all general contractors are created equal.

There are lots of shady contractors out there that scam their clients and don’t provide good work.

That’s why you need to rely on us at RenosGroup instead. We’re honest contractors with extensive experience, training, and educated. We’re licensed and insured for our work, and we always give 100% of our effort to every project. Here are the main reasons why we provide the most exemplary kitchen renovations Kanata has available:

  • Free in-home consultations. First, we’re the only contractor in Kanata offering 100% free in-home consultations. You won’t have to pay us a dime before we travel to your home to discuss your needs with you. That’s a far cry from other contractors in the area, who will charge an arm and a leg before ever stepping foot on your property. During the consult, you get the chance to tell us everything that you want. We’ll provide you with an accurate quote, as well as take detailed measurements.
  • Trained, licensed, and insured. We’re a staunchly professional contracting service that plays by the book. That’s why we have full insurance coverage for our team, as well as licensing. If you attempt renovations by yourself, you’ll be on the hook for any repairs. That’s why it’s wise to hire us as we’re covered should anything happen. Luckily, we boast a flawless track record.
  • Total transparency. We write all our contracts in plain English for your convenience. You’ll never encounter any hidden charges, and our prices are always fair. So if you want contractors that will shoot straight with you at all times, you need to use us. There’s no need to waste your time with other contractors that have shady contracts filled with hidden clauses and fees.
  • A dedicated team of experts. We have interior designers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and more. Each member of our team has a ton of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Thanks to our incredible team, we never use any subcontractors. Our reputation means the world to us, and we would never put it into someone else’s hands. At RenosGroup, we maintain total quality control over every project that we take on.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, we do it all when it comes to providing the best kitchen renovations Kanata has to offer. Whether you want to renovate for practicality or aesthetic appeal, you can always rely on our team. We won’t stop until we achieve your 100% satisfaction. Please don’t wait to get in touch with us to make your kitchen the envy of Kanata. To reach out, schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Five-Star Bathroom Renovations in Kanata

Do you dread having to visit your bathroom? If so, then something is definitely wrong. Luckily, there’s nothing that some renovations can’t fix.  If your bathroom is a dreary, disorganized mess, it’s time to renovate!  Your bathroom should be cheery, clean, and practical.   If you’re unhappy with your bathrooms, you can always rely on our team at RenosGroup to fix things up. We can provide you with new plumbing, toilets, showers, sinks, lighting fixtures, and more. Thanks to our interior designer, you can come up with a stunning look for your bathrooms. You can use themes, modern trends, and more to spruce things up.  So if you want bathroom renovations in Kanata, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned to learn how we can enhance your bathrooms at RenosGroup.

Reasons to Renovate Your Kanata Bathrooms

If Kanata is where you call home, then there’s a lot to appreciate. It’s a diverse, sprawling suburb of Ottawa with a lot to offer. It’s also home to the digital technology companies in the city.

Kanata is fast-paced and continually growing. As such, it can be a tad overwhelming to keep up at times.

That’s why you need to renovate your home to stay relevant regularly.

There are many reasons why you should undergo bathroom renovations in Kanata. Renovating can increase your property value, add more storage space, and so much more. Here are what we find are the most common reasons our clients choose to renovate their bathrooms:

Expanding Existing Bathrooms

Nothing is worse than a claustrophobic bathroom. If your bathrooms are incredibly cramped, then renovations are a fantastic idea. Our team at RenosGroup can help you get the most out of your existing space.

In some cases, we don’t even have to expand the square footage of the room.

Instead, we have to simply rearrange a few things to add more space and breathing room.

An example would be rearranging the placement of your shower and sink. Doing so can free up more space that was once occupied. During your free in-home consultation, we’ll evaluate your existing bathrooms. If there are ways to rearrange things to add more space, we’ll let you know.

Of course, we can also remove walls to expand the square footage of your bathrooms.

A common reason for adding on to a bathroom is an expanding family. If you have a new baby on the way, you’ll need some extra space in the bathroom. Other reasons to expand include adding more storage space for your toiletries and accessories.

Updating Outdated Bathrooms

Is your bathroom stuck in the 70s? Do you feel like you went back in time every time that you need to do your business? Then renovations are a must for you. That’s especially true if you’re sick and tired of looking at outdated toilets, sinks, and showers.

Old wallpaper is another eyesore of outdated bathrooms. If you have floral wallpaper that’s peeling off, it’s time for an upgrade.

Older sinks, showers, and toilets are also less efficient. They will use more water and end up costing you more money in the long run. Modern appliances are far more efficient at using energy and water.

Our team at RenosGroup can fully customize every aspect of your bathroom. Do you want to update your lighting fixtures and mirrors? That’s no problem for us. We have a ton of great bathroom products to choose from on our online product showroom

We can also provide you with brand-new plumbing.

So if your bathroom has clogged pipes that are rusty and outdated, don’t wait to let us know. You see, we have an entire team of specialists ready to work on your home. For our bathroom remodels, we have a team of in-house plumbers. They have an extensive amount of experience working with plumbing. They can repair any issues or install brand new pipes for you.

While other contractors sub out their plumbing work, we would never dream of doing that. We’re obsessed with quality control, and we would never hand over our flawless reputation to a third party. Instead, we’re more than capable of doing all the plumbing work ourselves.

Brightening Up a Dull Bathroom

Another reason to pursue the best bathroom renovations Kanata has to offer is to add visual appeal. You’ll end up spending quite a bit of time in your bathrooms, so they should look pleasant.

Nothing is more off-putting than visiting someone’s home to discover they have a filthy, dull bathroom.

If your bathrooms don’t have any sense of style, you need to change that.

Not only will they look better, but upgraded bathrooms will add value to your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, upgraded bathrooms are still a good idea.

Our interior designer will work with you to create unique themes for your bathrooms. You can select from modern trends, colors, styles, and more. We’ll give you all the tools that you need to express yourself. You’ll love having the freedom to explore so many different options for personalizing your bathrooms.

Accommodating an Aging Relative

Do you live with your elderly mother or father? If so, then they probably have some special needs that you should consider. Luckily, we offer mobility renovations at RenosGroup. We can renovate your bathroom to make it accessible for your aging relative.

An example would be adding rails or a seat to your shower. We can also install special accessible toilets, rails, ledges, and more. Simply let us know what your needs are, and we’ll make it happen.

We can add brighter lighting and lower bathroom fixtures as well. If your relative has a hard time reaching the sink or medicine cabinet, we can lower them. The same is true for toilets and other fixtures.

If your relative has arthritis, then we can install easy-to-use handles for your cabinets. These handles are large and are effortless to open. That will save your relative from having to fiddle with smaller handles that are harder to open.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Kanata

Bathroom Renovations in Kanata
Now that you know why to pursue bathroom renovations in Kanata, here are some ideas you can use. These are some of the most common themes and concepts that we run into when renovating bathrooms. Hopefully, these examples will help you get your creative juices flowing for your bathroom.

Use a Theme for Your Bathroom

If your bathrooms are tiny, you need to develop a way to make them appear more prominent. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use printed wallpaper. The wallpaper can add extra dimensions to your bathroom, making it appear larger. It’s also wise to use a theme to keep things consistent.

Themes are a great way to brighten up a dull bathroom.

You can use all sorts of themes in your bathroom, from using colors to specific themes like the beach.

Let’s say that you want to feel like you’re visiting a sunny beach every time that you use the bathroom. To do so, you can start with palm tree wallpaper. From there, an ocean blue shower curtain will help further set the mood.

For the shower wall, you could use beautiful blue tiles to mimic ocean water. Tiki soap dishes and palm tree towels will help complete the theme.

All of a sudden, your bathroom went from a tiny dull mess to a tropical paradise. Instead of dreading a visit to the toilet, you won’t be able to wait to enjoy your decor.

That’s just one example of how you can use a theme to spruce up your bathroom. Themes can make your bathroom appear more prominent as well as provide a happier atmosphere.

Use Practical Renovations

If you’re content with the way your bathrooms look, then you can renovate for practicality instead. What does that mean? It means making changes and tweaks to the layout of your bathroom so that it’s more efficient.

In other words, the renovations will make your life easier in the bathroom.

An example would be adding extra cabinets for more storage space. That way, your sink isn’t a scrambled mess of hair dryers, lotions, brushes, and accessories.

Another example would be moving a cabinet from the right corner to above the sink. That will ensure that all your toiletries are right where you need them at all times.

Take a walk through your bathrooms and note the layout. Are there any improvements that you’d like to make? Would changing up the cabinets make things easier? Could you benefit from extra storage space? Do you wish you had room for a more oversized tub? Is your sink in a terrible location at the moment?

These are all essential questions to ask yourself when deciding to renovate. At RenosGroup, it’s our goal to make your life easier through our improvements. During your free consultation, we’ll let you know everything that we can do for your bathrooms. That includes taking detailed measurements and providing you with an accurate quote.

Reasons to Choose Us for Bathroom Renovations in Kanata

Now that you have some ideas for how you can renovate your bathroom, why should you choose RenosGroup? Why can’t you go with one of the cheaper contractors in Ottawa?

There are many reasons why we rise above our competition in Kanata and surrounding areas.

Other contractors in the area may charge less, but they don’t provide our quality of work. Their craftsmanship is shoddy, they will leave you hanging for weeks, and they hide hidden fees in their contracts.

Free In-Home Consultations

We’re one of the few remaining contracting services in Ottawa that offers free in-home consultations. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we offer the best bathroom renovations Kanata has around.

We won’t charge you anything at all for visiting your home and speaking with you.

That’s how committed we are to providing you with the best renovations that we possibly can.

Other contractors will make you sign a contract before ever setting foot in your home. What kind of sense does that make? How can they do their job as renovators without even seeing your home first?

They will make you visit their showrooms where they will upsell you on expensive products. You see, this is their goal all along. They don’t care about what you want for your home. They’ve already decided what they’re going to do for your renovations.

That’s not how we do things at RenosGroup. We place all the power in your hands. That’s because we want to deliver on your unique vision for your renovations, not our desire to overcharge you.

A Team of In-House Experts

We never use subcontractors at RenosGroup. That’s because we have an in-house team of specialists. While other contractors sub out things like drywall, painting, we would never do that.

When you use subcontractors, you’re handing over your reputation to a third party. You have no way of guaranteeing the quality of work that they will do.

That doesn’t fly with us at RenosGroup. We maintain strict quality control over all our projects no matter what.  We have an entire fleet of specialists. That guarantees that we can knock out every aspect of your renovations under one roof. You won’t find that kind of quality guarantee from any other company in Ottawa.

So if you need a company to tackle your bathroom renovations in Kanata, now you know who to call. No other contractor can compete with our expertise, craftsmanship, communication, or in-house talent.

Concluding Thoughts

You can always rely on our team at RenosGroup to handle your bathroom renovations in Kanata. We handle every single renovation with 100% professionalism. If you want to add more space to your bathrooms, increase water and energy efficiency, or add visual appeal, please give us a call. Our team of dedicated experts won’t hesitate to go above and beyond to meet all your specific needs. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Excellent Basement Renovations in Kanata

Is the basement in your Kanata home a tad underwhelming? Are you currently using it to store boxes and not much else? Then it would be best if you renovated with us at RenosGroup.

We offer the highest quality basement renovations Kanata has to offer.

Our team can help you develop a purpose for your basement so that it’s no longer wasted space.

It’s a sad fact that the basement is the most underutilized room in the home. All too often, homeowners end up using their basements for storage or laundry only. That’s a shame because your basement has a boatload of potential. With our capabilities at RenosGroup, the only limit is your imagination. We’ll help you transform your dull basement into something extraordinary.

So if you want to find a unique use for your basement in Kanata, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what we can do for your basement at RenosGroup.

Reasons to Renovate Your Basement in Kanata

Kanata is a fast-paced, highly technological suburb of Ottawa. It’s the largest suburb and has a diverse population. There are also many styles of homes in the area. Kanata Lakes boasts high-end housing that has all the latest technological bells and whistles.

Older neighborhoods have more affordable housing, but still, they retain lots of charm. These homes may cost less, but they’re still beautiful and well-built.

If you call Kanata home, then the chances are that you love where you live. It’s safe, family-friendly, and has excellent schools.

Yet, there are still lots of reasons why you may want to renovate your home.

That way, you can address all your home’s issues and turn it into the house of your dreams. We’d love to help you do just that at RenosGroup. In particular, there are many reasons why you should renovate your basement. That’s especially true if your basement currently has no purpose.

Your basement is a large part of your home. It would be a total waste not to use it for something. That’s where renovations come into the picture. Here are a few of the most common reasons to renovate your basement.

Unused Space

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Maricona Way
This is by far the biggest reason to renovate your basement. If you’re like most homeowners, then your basement is idle space without a purpose. You may store boxes and various items there or do your laundry.

Well, there’s no reason to waste any square footage that you have available.

So if your basement is vacant, renovating can turn it into something special.

For example, why not turn your basement into a guest room? That way, you have a place to accommodate friends and family whenever they stay. Instead of being an empty room with some boxes in it, we can transform it into a hotel-esque guest room.

You could also gift yourself with a gaming room/man cave. Since you aren’t using your basement, it’s the perfect location for all your fancy toys. You can set up a TV with video game systems, a pool table, and even a fully functional bar.

Maybe now you can see why not using your basement is such a waste. There are tons of fun uses you can create for your basement. So if you wish your home had some extra space for creativity, don’t rule out your basement! You can use it to create a room that you’ve always wanted.

Add Value to Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home in Kanata? Maybe you want to upgrade to a high-end home in Kanata Lakes. If so, then finishing your basement will add to your resell value. An unfinished basement won’t do you any favors when trying to sell your house.

Which home would you rather buy? Option one is a home with a basement with cracks in the floor, laundry everywhere, and unfinished walls.

Option two has a basement that doubles as a second living room. There’s a full bar, sofa, TV, and wine racks.

Obviously, option two is a far more desirable basement. As a result, that home will sell for more money than option one. So if you’re planning on selling your home, then finishing your basement is a must. It may cost you to fix it up, but you’ll end up selling your home for a lot more money.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Another reason to undergo basement renovations in Kanata is to save money. That may seem counterintuitive, as renovating costs money. Yet, there’s a good reason why finishing your basement will save you money in the long run.

It all has to do with how hard your HVAC units have to work to heat/cool your basement.

If your basement is unfinished, then the chances are that it isn’t sealed. Not only that, but unfinished/open walls will let in heat and cold like nobody’s business.

If your Kanata home has an unfinished basement, then it’s killing your utility bill. Picture this, it’s freezing outside, and your basement is letting cold air inside. As such, your heater has to work twice as hard to maintain the temperature in your basement.

If you renovate and finish your basement, that won’t happen. Your basement will stay completely sealed, not letting in any heat or cold air. Your heater won’t have to overwork itself to maintain the temperature in your basement. Therefore, you won’t have to spend as much on energy each month. These savings can be very significant and will eventually pay for the cost of the renovations.

More Family Space

Lastly, a big reason homeowners renovate their basements is because there’s a baby on the way. They’ve already used up all the bedrooms upstairs, so it’s time to turn the basement into a nursery. That, or transfer one of the older children into the basement. Either way, you’ll need to renovate to accommodate your growing family.

Renovations can turn a four-bedroom home into a five-bedroom house.

It’s crucial to remember that your basement can serve as an extra bedroom.

That way, if you end up adding to your family, your children won’t have to share bedrooms. You can use us at RenosGroup to help you transform your dull basement into a vibrant children’s room.

Basement Renovation Ideas in Kanata

Since we offer the best basement renovations Kanata has available; we’re diverse in what we can do. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your basement, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A home theater. At our company, we’ve built many a home theater for our clients. If your basement is sitting idle and you have some extra money to play with, why not add a home theater? You’ll have a blast inviting your friends and family over for regular movie nights. We can hook you up with theater seating, projectors, sound systems, and more. So if you’re a giant movie nerd, this is a great way to repurpose your basement in Kanata.
  • A hotel suite. Do you have regular guests at your home? Then why not repurpose your basement into a hotel suite? You can add a bathroom, kitchenette, and bedroom area with the help of our team. Your guests will love having their own space while visiting your home. Not only that, but it will save them the expense of having to get a hotel room elsewhere. Besides letting friends stay, you can rent out your basement as an Airbnb to make some extra income.
  • A bar/wine cellar. We love hooking up our clients with wine cellars, racks, and bars in their basements. If you love entertaining your friends with tasty cocktails, a home bar is a must. We can pull out all the stops for you, including draft beer, a bar sink, neon lights, and more. Of course, we’ll help you design a sleek display for all your bottles. The same is true if you’re a wine aficionado. Let us help you set up a proper wine cellar with impressive racks, lighting, and more.
  • An open floor plan. If you like to mix and match, then an open floor plan is perfect for your basement. That way, you can enjoy multiple purposes for the space. By using rugs to separate each area, you can set up a gym, a bar, and a TV area, all in one. Open floor plans help you make the most out of every square inch in your basement. So if you want to get the best of both worlds, going with an open floor plan is a great idea.
  • A kid’s playroom. Are you sick and tired of stubbing your toes on action figures and Barbie dolls? Then you need to designate the basement as the playroom/toy room. Having children means lots of toys and devices lying around, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By transforming your basement into a children’s wonderland, they won’t ever want to go upstairs. That way, all their toys can stay neatly organized downstairs. You’ll enjoy peace of mind upstairs knowing that you won’t slip on a toy race car and have to go to the hospital.

Why Choose RenosGroup for Basement Renovations in Kanata?

All right, now that you know why renovating your basement is a good idea, why should you choose us? After all, aren’t lots of contractors in Kanata and Ottawa?

Yes, there are, but they aren’t on our level. There are many reasons why we stand above all the competition at RenosGroup. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose us and ignore the rest.

Free In-Home Consultations

First and foremost, we’re the only contractors offering free in-home consultations. That’s right; we will travel to your home without charging you a dime.

Our in-home consultations are genuinely free. If you decide not to renovate, we’ll leave without charging you anything at all for the consult.

Other contractors in the area will charge you before ever seeing your property. Instead, they’ll want you to meet them at their showrooms. That way, they can upsell you on their most expensive products before seeing your home.

In other words, they don’t have your best interests in mind.

They won’t work based on your needs. Instead, they already know what they want to do for your space.

We’re different at RenosGroup. It’s our goal to put the power in your hands. It’s your home, so you should get the final say on what happens during your renovations. During our consultation, we’ll take detailed measurements. That way, we know for sure that we can make your wants and desires a reality. We’ll also provide you with an accurate quote.

An Elite-Level Team

Our team consists of:

  • Construction workers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Interior designers
  • More

As you can see, we have a very diverse team of specialists. Since we do all our work under one roof, we never have to use subcontractors. We’re all highly trained, experienced, and educated in our respected areas. We write all our contracts in plain English, and we never feature any hidden fees or clauses.

We want nothing more than to provide you with your dream renovations. Let us help you make your home into something new and unique. If your home has grown dull and tiresome, then it’s time to breathe new life into the space. No other contracting company can knock it out of the park for you as we can.

Our interior designer will help you come up with an exciting visual look. From there, our construction workers and carpenters will make that look a reality. Our plumbers and electricians will add the final touches.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, we provide the absolute best basement renovations Kanata has to offer. At RenosGroup, we’re committed to giving you exactly what you want out of your renovations. So if you live in Kanata and would love to freshen things up, please don’t wait to reach out to us. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

6 Common Mobility Home Renovations in Ottawa

If you need to make your home more accessible for you, a senior loved one or another family member who’s experiencing limitations with mobility, Renosgroup.ca can help make any adjustments you need. If you’re unsure what these home renovations involve, here are some of the most common mobility renovations in Ottawa to consider.


Widening Doorways

Doorways can become a major hindrance if you or your loved one depends on a wheelchair, especially in older homes. If a wheelchair or walker is a bit too wide to fit through the doorway, we can help to
resize the entrance and add a few more inches of space.


Ramp Installations

Ramps are one of the most common mobility renovations we complete. While this type of renovation isn’t major, if your front porch and exterior are uniquely situated, we can find a viable solution to install a ramp and rails so you or your loved one can enter and exit safely.


Lowering Countertops

Making the kitchen more accessible is essential to perform daily tasks without limitations. This type of renovation can involve lowering the countertops and cabinets, rearranging appliances to make it easier to reach them, and placing the sink and stovetop at a lower level too.


Adjusting the Bathroom

The bathroom can require several adjustments to make grooming and bathing easier as well. This can involve a lower vanity and sink, grab bars, a step-in shower with grab bars and a seat, and a raised toilet seat with handles.


Accessible Closets

Getting dressed can be a challenge when clothing is hung up too high in the closet. Storing items in dressers is always an option, but some clothing may still need to be hung up. In this case, an accessible closet can help with lower rods and shelving that are located only a few feet from the floor.



If you have carpet and rugs throughout the home, this can create hazardous situations for tripping, and it can also make it harder to move around with a wheeler or walker. New flooring that’s either hardwood, ceramic tile or vinyl is a much better option to eliminate those risks and hazards.

If you need mobility home renovations in Ottawa, our team at Renosgroup.ca can make it happen. Get in touch with us today, or call us at (613) 727-9427 to learn more about our services, rates and how we can help make your home more accessible.

Exceptional Home Renovations in Orleans

Orleans is one of the closest suburbs to downtown Ottawa. It’s an affordable neighborhood with plenty of housing choices.

If you call Orleans home and want to renovate, you can always rely on us at RenosGroup.

We can help you add on a sunroom, make your bathrooms more accessible, and improve your kitchen layout. Orleans has seen steady growth since the 1970s. As a result, there’s a high demand for quality housing in the area. If you want to sell your home, then renovations can help you increase your resell value. We’ll help you finish your basement, upgrade your bathroom, and increase your curb appeal.

If you’re interested in the best home renovations Orleans has available, you’re in luck. Stay tuned to learn more about how we can tweak your home until it’s perfect for your needs.

Reasons to Renovate Your Orleans Home

You may think that you don’t need any renovations because you love the aesthetics of your home.

Yet, renovations are about a lot more than superficial changes.

There are many reasons why you should renovate that have nothing to do with visual appeal. A quick example would be adding handrails to your bathrooms for an aging relative. Another reason to renovate is if you have a new baby on the way. To make more room, you can use our team to transform your basement into another bedroom.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons our clients choose to renovate with us.

Practicality Improvements

Are there things about your home that annoy or inconvenience you? If so, then you can renovate to improve them. Let’s say that your bathroom sink is a bit too high for you. If you’re smaller in stature, it may be challenging to use a raised sink.

If you get a hold of us at RenosGroup, we can lower the sink to the perfect height for your needs.

We also love to improve the layout of client kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. If cooking in your kitchen requires a lot of legwork, then you need to make some changes. We can use kitchen islands, open shelving, hooks, and more to save you time. That way, you’ll have all the tools and utensils that you need in one place.

We encourage you to take a walk through your home. Along the way, take note of any inconveniences or impractical layouts.

Once you identify all the things that you’d like to change, you can get in touch with us for a free in-home consultation. We’ll take detailed measurements of your home to ensure that we do a great job. We’ll also help you come up with the most efficient blueprint for your renovations.

Increase Resell Value of Home

If you want to sell your home in Orleans, then you’ll probably need to make a few renovations. That’s especially true if your home is on the older side. Thankfully, we provide the best home renovations Orleans has available, including at the best rates.

That means we can help you fix up your home so that it’s in prime selling condition. That way, you can sell your home for the highest price possible. Otherwise, you risk taking a loss on your home or not being able to sell it at all.

Homebuyers are on the lookout for:

  • Finished basements
  • Attractive bathrooms
  • Cheery kitchens with modern appliances and practical layouts
  • Basements that have a purpose (extra bedroom, home theater, etc.)

If your home lacks any of these features, then renovations are a must. During your free in-home consultation, be sure to tell us that you’re renovating to sell your home. From there, our team will take your budget into close consideration.

Brighten Up a Dreary Home

Your home is your sanctuary, or at least it should be in an ideal world. The fact is that many homeowners don’t enjoy their homes as much as they should.

If your home is just a place to flop, you’re doing something wrong.

Your mood will drastically improve if your home has a cheery, vibrant atmosphere. That means bright and lively colors, updated fixtures, and modern appliances.

Have you noticed that you’ve been in a depressed mood lately? It may be due to the aging home that no longer excites you.

A great way to revitalize your lust for life is to renovate your home. All of a sudden, your boring home will become fun again. You’ll actually enjoy coming home from work to your beautiful home. Let us help you tweak things until everything is perfect for your needs.

If you aren’t sure what style you’d like to go for, that’s no problem for us at RenosGroup. We have an in-house interior designer to help you out. During your first consult, you’ll get the chance to work with our designer to come up with a plan. We’ll help you design your kitchen, bathrooms, basements, and more.

So if you’re tired of the same old boring house, then it’s time to undergo home renovations in Orleans. Our team at RenosGroup won’t stop until we achieve your total satisfaction.

Add Accessibility to Your Home

If you live with someone that’s disabled or elderly, they’re going to have some unique needs. Luckily, we provide exceptional mobility renovations for Orleans and surrounding areas. We can add all sorts of accessibility features to your home, including:

  • Handrails for your bathrooms
  • Lowered fixtures
  • Easy-to-open handles for drawers and cabinets
  • Seats for the shower
  • Chairlifts and elevators
  • Special openings for tubs and showers

Simply let us know what your accessibility needs are, and we’ll make it happen. We’re well versed in all safety regulations and standards. You can always count on us to do an exceptional job for you or your loved ones. If you have mobility limitations, please don’t wait to get in touch with us to make your home more accessible. Doing so can help you stay in your home for many years to come.

Our Home Renovation Offerings in Orleans

We rise above and beyond our competition in Ottawa. That includes offering the most diverse range of renovation services. We offer kitchen, bathroom, basement, and mobility renovations. Not only that, but we also provide high-quality home additions. We can help you add a deck or a sunroom to your home to appreciate the outdoors. Here’s a look at our primary services at RenosGroup.

Kitchen Renovations in Orleans

Does your kitchen fall short of your standards? Then you’ll be happy to know we provide the best kitchen renovations Orleans has around. You can rely on our team to completely transform your kitchen from top to bottom.

We can improve the layout and function of your kitchen through our improvements.

Our renovations put the power in your hands. Now, you can take a walk through your kitchen and list all the things you want to change. Do you wish that your pantry had more space? Would you love to change your cabinetry and countertops? Could you picture yourself cooking on a kitchen island?

These are all possible changes that we can make to your kitchen. The only limit is your imagination with our team by your side.

You should feel excited to cook in your kitchen, not stressed or filled with dread. Let us help you make your kitchen beautiful and easy to use. Of course, we have lots of beautiful products that you can use to enhance your kitchen. These include:

  • Custom countertops
  • Custom cabinets
  • Kitchen islands
  • Backsplashes
  • Tiling
  • Vinyl floor
  • New appliances
  • New color schemes
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Decorative touches

As you can see, we carry lots of high-quality products. Our team also boasts remarkable craftsmanship for every project. Also, if your kitchen appliances are outdated, then you should definitely upgrade. Modern appliances are far more energy-efficient and will save you money on your utility bills.

Bathroom Renovations in Orleans

Home Renovations Orleans Is your water bill sky high every single month? Then the chances are high that your toilet, shower, and sink are old and need replacing. The good news is that you can call us up at RenosGroup to do just that.

Like older appliances, older sinks and toilets are notorious water wasters.

So if your toilet is from 50 years ago, then you’re not doing your water bill any favors. In fact, you’ll end up saving more money in the long run by undergoing our bathroom renovations in Orleans.

If your bathroom has no sense of style, you need to speak with our interior designer. They will help you come up with an exciting theme for your bathrooms. These include color schemes, new lighting fixtures, themed wallpaper, and more.

If your bathrooms are vibrant and lively, you’ll feel better when using them. Your guests will also appreciate a clean and organized bathroom.

Practicality comes into play for bathrooms as well. An all too common sight is a sink overloaded with hairdryers, straighteners, and other accessories. That’s due to a lack of storage space. If your bathroom is filled with clutter at all times, we can add extra cabinets and drawers. That way, you’ll have a place for all your toiletries and hair appliances.

Don’t forget that we can make your bathroom more accessible as well. If you’re having trouble standing in the shower, then we can add a built-in seat for you. Other options include handrails, lowered fixtures, and so much more. We’re renowned for providing the best bathroom renovations Orleans has to offer.

Basement Renovations in Orleans

Most basements are blank canvases. Sadly, not enough homeowners take full advantage of their basement space. There are lots of creative ways to use your basement through renovations. We love renovating basements at RenosGroup because they’re often the most fun.

Your basement is basically extra square footage that you can use for whatever you want.

We recommend that you conduct a brainstorming session. In it, try to think of what your home is currently missing. Is there something that you’ve always wanted but don’t have? An example would be a wine cellar or full-service bar.

If you find that there’s a room that you want bad, then it’s time to use your basement. So what can you do with your basement? Here are some of the most prevalent renovation ideas we run into:

  • Home theater. If you’re a bonafide cinephile, then your basement is begging to become a home theater. At RenosGroup, we can help you pull out all the stops. We’ll install movie theater-style seating, a projector, a giant screen, and more. We’ll also hook you up with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting fixtures.
  • A kid’s playroom. Nobody likes stubbing their toes on toys. As such, why not designate the basement as the playroom? You can store the toys down there so that they’re out of sight, out of mind for you. In the meantime, your kids will have a blast enjoying their dedicated play space. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • An extension of your living room. Do you wish that your living room was bigger? Then you can consider your basement an underground extension of it. You can use this second living room for everything you wish you could fit in your first one. You can add a sofa, TV, video games, wine racks, a bar, and more.
  • A home gym. If you want to work out in the comfort of your home, then your basement is the perfect candidate for a gym. We can add vinyl floors, mirrors, and high-end workout equipment. You’ll love being able to squeeze in a quick workout whenever you feel like it.

As you can see, there are lots of fun uses for your basement. You can always count on us for the most excellent basement renovations Orleans has available today.

Concluding Thoughts

Orleans is a neighborhood that has a lot to offer its residents. It’s safe, close to downtown, and has affordable housing. If you live in Orleans and want to add special touches to your home, you now know who to call. No other contracting company in Ottawa can compete with us. We’ve got an expert team of specialists, free in-home consultations, and transparent contracts. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Getting Started with Home Renovations in Ottawa

Will you be renovating your home in Ottawa this year? Don’t know where to start? Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the idea of working on their home. It can be a lot to take on when you don’t know where to focus your attention (and budget) first. Whether you’re considering a major overhaul or just a few upgrades, here are some tips to help make the entire home renovation process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Figure Out Why You’re Renovating

First, it’s a good idea to get crystal clear on what exactly needs to be renovated. There can be a lot of wants versus needs when it comes to home improvements and upgrades. To be concise with your time and budget, pinpoint the areas that are a priority, like the bathroom, kitchen or other central rooms that get used the most. When you focus on your needs and priorities, it becomes much easier to know where to start.

Create a Detailed Plan for the Project

Once you understand your needs and the main areas that you’ll be focusing on, it’s time to create a detailed plan and scope of the project. This should outline a list of what’s specifically needed – more storage space, new flooring – along with any design inspirations, project steps, and blueprints or sketches of the completed project. 

Figuring Out Your Budget

Next up, you’ll need to know
how much you can afford to spend on your home renovation. When drafting your budget, don’t forget to include costs for building materials, permits, cosmetic décor features, and labour costs. We always recommend putting at least 10% of your budget aside for unforeseen costs. When you know your budget, you can shave off non-important elements of your reno if they’re more than you can afford.

Hire a Contractor

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s a good time to start looking for the right general contractor. To ensure you’re choosing a quality team, consider their contracting license, certificate of insurance, experience, reputation from previous clients, and whether they provide a payment schedule.

Finalize the Timeline 

Once you’ve hired your contractor, building a timeline is key. They will consult with you regarding a suitable start time, when you wish to have the project completed, and how long each stage will realistically take.

Renosgroup.ca is here to help you map out every detail of your home renovations. If you’re struggling and don’t know where to begin, get in touch, or call (613) 727-9427 our knowledgeable experts today. We will be happy to answer your questions!

Giving Your Bathroom the Reno it Deserves

Planning a bathroom reno? Aside from the kitchen, the bathrooms are the second most valued room in the home. It’s what buyers look at when sizing up a property. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, a bathroom reno will help modernize your entire home and benefit you and your family for years. If you’re wondering about giving your bathroom the reno it deserves, consider these tips for improving its aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

Modernize the Shower

Is your shower boxed in behind overbearing, closed-in walls? If so, this can not only make the bathroom look dated, but it can also make it appear smaller and congested. To make the room feel more open and airy, we highly recommend modernizing the shower space by adding a custom glass enclosure or shower door. This will dramatically upgrade your space and make it appear brighter and bigger.


Over the years, bathroom tiles can look grungy with dirty grout and outdated patterns. That’s why retiling is a must when you’re taking on a bathroom reno. For a luxurious and modern look, use larger tiles on the floor. Wide, plank-style tiles are an excellent choice for really enhancing the look of the bathroom. When tiling the shower, the combination of wide planks and smaller, texture tiles works well. This will create a cohesive and modern look for the shower, and also add grip to make it safer when standing in the shower. There are also grouts available today that are resistant to mold and stains which are ideal for the bathroom and shower.

Upgrade the Plumbing

Though it’s out of sight and often out of mind (until there’s a blockage), the plumbing plays a significant role in the overall functionality of your bathroom. Older, standard drain plumbing is usually smaller, measuring about 11/2 inch diameter or smaller. This can lead to frequently clogged drains. If you have a larger family, we recommend improving your drainage by having a larger 2-inch drainage pipe installed. A large pipe equals fewer clogs for you to deal with. It’s well worth it!

Add a Window

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a window in it, chances are it has poor ventilation and is more prone to mold. Even if you have a fan installed, it doesn’t compare to being able to air out the humidity with an open window. Talk to your contractor about installing an extra window in the bathroom. Not only will this remove excess humidity, but it will also make the room brighter. 

Install a Recessed Cabinet

If your bathroom is tight on storage space and you don’t have much room to store those bathroom essentials, a recessed medicine cabinet can help. These cabinets are usually placed near or above the vanity and get installed directly in the wall, about a few inches. This is a handy option to consider if you’re lacking in storage and want somewhere to keep your toiletries.

Get the Best Lighting for Your Space

Lighting is an essential part of any design, so it’s worth putting some extra thought into. Most bathrooms don’t have the best natural lighting. All the more reason to make sure you’re upgrading yours to something that will provide all the brightness you need. Having a dimmer switch installed can be useful for adjusting the level of light, such as when you’re taking a soothing bath and don’t want bright lights to ruin the ambience. Recessed lighting fixtures are also a popular choice to place around the vanity mirror. This balances the light so you can clearly see your face when doing makeup, hair and other grooming. The shower might be another spot to consider having a light installed.

Upgrade to a Modern Toilet

It might not be the most glamorous fixture, but your toilet is a necessity. It can also take up a lot of space if you have a smaller bathroom. And if you have an old toilet, it can waste a significant amount of water too. Today, there are many
innovative toilet designs that are space-saving and more water-efficient. Some toilets come with hidden tanks that get installed directly in the wall. These are ideal if your bathroom is smaller. Either way, upgrading your toilet to a newer one with a low flow creates a contemporary look that will save water.

Renosgroup.ca is here for you whenever you want to make some upgrades to your bathroom or home. Contact us today! or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

What Bathroom Renovations Really Costs

Renovating your bathroom may sound like a simple do-it-yourself project, but can easily come with some unforeseen costs. Bathroom renovations can be one of the best investments you can make in your home, but before you get started, you’ll need a well-informed budget of the cost of each bathroom component. Here’s what you should plan for.



  • Plumbing and Electrical – You may be able to get away with a simple renovation if you’ve got some handyman know-how, but some aspects of your project will require the licensure and expertise of a certified tradesman. Our research shows that most licensed trade work costs approximately $70-$120 per hour, with more complex installations like pot lights costing an additional $250 per light. Expect to spend about $4,000 on all plumbing and electrical work.
  • General Labor – The cost of basic labor can vary greatly from contractor to contractor, so be sure to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best price possible – without sacrificing quality, of course. In general, labor and painting costs are calculated by the square foot, so it’s a good idea to take measurements of your bathroom before beginning. On average, $1,000-$2,000 is a reasonable estimate for a midsized bathroom.
  • Demolition and Disposal – Before you begin tearing down any walls, you’ll want to make sure you’re not destroying any load-bearing structures, and that the material inside the wall isn’t hazardous. If you encounter any asbestos whatsoever, be sure to contact a professional with the proper skill set to dispose of it safely. Between the cost of demolition labor and removal, plan to set aside roughly $1,500 safely.



  • Vanity – The vanity houses the sink, faucet, and any items you plan to store, and sets the tone for the look of the rest of your bathroom. Custom vanities can cost $2,000 or more excluding installation (which costs $300-$600), while standard vanities typically range from $500-$1,500.
  • Countertops – The material of choice for most countertops is stone, and the price varies based on the quality, cut, and thickness of the material. We’ve found that most engineered stone, quartz and granite countertops cost $75-$80/sq.ft including installation, while higher-end materials like marble can range from $100-$200/sq.ft. Although a less common option, some customers have chosen wood as a countertop material with beautiful results. Wood can also be a more economical material, with prices ranging from $30-$150/sq.ft after installation. Wood can hold moisture, though, so make sure your countertops are properly sealed before going this route.
  • Tiling – Porcelain, ceramic, and marble are the primary tile materials most customers choose, with ceramic being the least expensive. Porcelain tiles are more durable and are easier to clean, so although they cost an average of $5-$10/sq.ft, they can be a better investment long-term. Our experts have found that perfectly good porcelain tiles can sometimes be found on sale for $1/sq.ft, so be sure to check the clearance section for the best possible value. Marble mosaic designs are available as a luxurious alternative, but the cost depends largely on the intricacy of the pattern design and can range anywhere from $10-$100/sq.ft.

All totaled, we’ve found that the average cost of bathroom renovations are approximately $13,393 for a midsized bathroom. Of course, the price tag of bathroom renovations could vary significantly based on location and bathroom size, so check out our cost estimation table for a more precise estimate. Of course, the biggest factor for your renovation is just how extravagant you’d like your bathroom makeover to be, so whether you have a vision for your new bathroom or would like to develop one, browse our website for idea on bathroom renovations and let us help you turn your dream bathroom into a reality!  To get in touch, give us a call today at (613) 727-9427.

7 Home Renovations that Add the Most Value

If there are areas in your home that have been neglected over the years, it’s a good time to consider a home renovation, especially if you’re considering selling in the future. Investing in a few home projects will help you sell it right, meaning you’ll get the most value for your property. To ensure you get the best possible ROI on your home, here are 7 home renovations that add the most value 

Bathroom Reno

The bathroom is one of the best home renovations for increasing value – homeowners can usually expect to
recover about 70% from this investment. Aside from its value, the bathroom is also one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, which means it deteriorates more quickly.

There are many fun and unique designs that you can choose from to modernize your bathroom and make it even more practical and luxurious. Consider replacing the vanity, improving any old plumbing, modernizing the shower with a glass door, retiling, upgrading the toilet to a low-flow, and replacing old faucets. A complete reno is the best way to go.

Fix Up the Backyard

Backyard lounging and entertaining is making a massive comeback, which is why focusing on outdoor areas and structures is at the top of our list of renos. Modern buyers today are looking for properties that are fairly turn-key, meaning all they have to do is move in and maybe perform a few cosmetic adjustments. If your backyard is in rough condition, it’s worth investing some time and money in the area before listing your home. Focus on redoing the deck, patio area, adding a new fence or creating a cozy fire pit zone. The key to making this worthwhile is to focus on low-maintenance designs. Your contractor will be able to advise you on how to transform your outdoor space so that you can enjoy it to the max while keeping the maintenance minimal.

Window Replacement

Homeowners today are more aware of their energy consumption than ever. They understand how much windows contribute to their heating and cooling expenses. If your windows are old and drafty, replace them with energy-efficient ones. This will also significantly improve the look of your home and you’ll most likely recoup the investment once you sell.

Refinishing the Basement

We are all spending more time at home these days. As a result, homeowners have gained a whole new appreciation for unused space, like the basement. This is often left as an unfinished and unused part of the home used primarily as the place to store old boxes. Well, not anymore. Buyers want all the square footage they can get, so when they’re hunting for a home, a finished basement is key. Adding insulation, moisture protection, and creating a brightly lit and inviting space to use as a den, home office or entertainment room, can
get you up to 75% ROI on average.

Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s where we eat, entertain and congregate the most. It’s no surprise that a kitchen upgrade can be a very valuable reno to take on, when done right. If you have outdated fixtures, cabinets and appliances, these should be a priority on your to-do list. Invest in energy-efficient appliances, add new cabinets, a granite-style countertop, and complete the look with contemporary faucets.

The Front Door and Entrance

We all know that first impressions matter. When you step out to the curb and look back at your home, what do you notice first? Does the front door and entranceway stand out? If your front door has been there since the day you moved in, chances are it’s time to replace it. Repair any crumbling stairs and interlock, sand and repaint the handrails, and get your porch area in tiptop shape. When you list your home on the market, you want that first impression to be a positive one.

A New Coat of Paint

Lastly, giving your home a new coat of paint can work wonders. When repainting, make sure to prep any areas first by sanding them down and giving them a good clean. Choose the right type of paint and focus on high traffic areas. A fresh coat of paint can have a big impact on the look and perceived value of your home.

When you’re ready to invest in a home renovation in Ottawa and improve your resale value, get in touch with our licensed and skilled team at Renosgroup.ca, or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

5 Trends in Kitchen Renovations

If you love staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design trends, we’ve gathered the top trends in kitchen renovations that are heating up the interior design world this year. Check them out below.


Simple and Natural

Modern design is evolving to become more minimalistic. But having a minimal design doesn’t mean it has to look bare, cold or uninviting. It simply focuses on only offering the essentials of what you need. By eliminating the excess clutter, it gives you more enjoyment out of what you have. In modern kitchens today, we’re seeing more clean-cut lines, very little clutter and natural materials that eloquently stand out for the right balance of warmth and character.


Warmer Colours for Cabinetry

This year, one staple trend that’s catching on fast in the kitchen is incorporating
warmer colours for cabinetry and other areas like the backsplash. Darker woods combined with tones of rich navy blue, forest green, brown, eggplant purple and even charcoal, create cozy and inviting interiors. When paired with white, cream, or light grey countertops, it looks undeniably eye-catching thanks to the contrast.


Golden, Copper and Champagne Faucets

Faucets play a big role in tying design concepts together and adding a touch of character and bling to the kitchen. In keeping with the warmer toned trend, we’re seeing more golden tones, copper and champagne coloured faucets donning kitchens in 2020. These play really well with the darker, colourful hues and add the perfect splash of luxury without looking too over the top.


Oversized Pantries

Thanks to COVID-19, homeowners are more eager to have well-stocked pantries to avoid making as many trips to the grocery store. As a result, oversized pantries are a hot ticket item for 2020 kitchen trends. If there’s enough room in your kitchen to make it happen, it’s well worth it when you don’t have to struggle to store or find things. 


Classic Kitchen Style

With so much time spent at home and in the kitchen these days, we’ve been noticing a resurgence of kitchen designs that are rekindling cozier, traditional styles. In contrast to minimalistic and modern, these designs feature the classic shaker style cabinets in cream or white, along with glass panes, some exposed dishes, brass handles and hues of dark green or blue to accent. 

If you’ve been spending lots of time in the kitchen and feel like it’s ready for an upgrade, our team at Renosgroup.ca can help to transform your space. We’ll work with you to incorporate the trends that suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Contact us today, or give us a call at (613)-727-9427 to get started.

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