Satisfied Customer: Complete Redo of a Condo’s Primary Bathroom Ensuite

Complere Redo of a Condo’s Primary Bathroom Ensuite 1

Nicole from Ottawa

Complete Redo of a Condo’s Primary Bathroom Ensuite

I hired Renos Group for a full 3-piece ensuite bathroom renovation which they recently completed. What I loved most about working with Keith is how kind, calm and thorough he was throughout the entire process From our very first planning meetings and discussions, right through to the last few leftover follow-ups that required his attention when more than 90% of the job was done, he delivered on everything he said he would do. This was my first reno and I was stressed, to say the least, but he never let me down and was true to his every word: if he said something would be done, it was completed on time, exactly like we had agreed upon.

Both himself and his team are courteous, professional and calm. They are conscientious and skilled workers that I found very pleasant to work with through the entire reno. To their merit, they worked diligently in a difficult and tight situation, in a condo building setting, with lots of rules and regulations that had to be followed. They respected all of the condo’s requirements to a tee, never complaining about them, and we had no ensuing complaints because of it – what a relief!

His quote was extremely detailed and very easy to follow. I had no surprise cost overruns, changes or other mishap that one may often encounter with a renovation. When I had to discuss any changes or concerns with him, I felt very comfortable doing so. I felt understood and listened to. I found it easy to discuss with him at any time during the entire process. He addressed everything calmly and professionally, providing me with different options that could work with my budget. The one slight overrun I had was because of a change I requested along the way – but even then, everything was agreed upon before moving forward (as it should be).

Renos are never a quiet affair, but since I had to live in the space during the work, his crew did everything they could to minimize noise and always let me know when loud noise would start so I wouldn’t be too startled. They showed up at the time they said they would and left their work areas clean and free of debris every night upon leaving and at the end, the entire site was left absolutely impeccable.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending Renos Group and Keith for home renovations project. I’m very happy with the beautiful work they did in my condo ensuite bathroom. Renos are never easy or fun, but Keith made it so much easier and pleasant for me. Thanks for a job well done!

Response from RenosGroup

Thank you for the in-depth review. Yes, thankfully we have gotten used to the condo board rules over the last few projects in the same building. You were great to work with, quick with decisions when needed, and always available. I enjoyed meeting your adult children when they stopped in, they both seemed very nice. Thank you very much for your business.


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