Creative Ideas to Transform Your Nursery

Creative Ideas to Transform Your Nursery

As soon as your toddler is big enough, they’ll be ready to move out of their nursery space. And this can leave you with an extra room on your hands – a room you could ideally renovate into a practical space to use. If you’re not entirely sure what to do with the additional space, why not try one of these creative ideas to transform your nursery into a new room.

Home Office

In many homes, the nursery is too small to create a bedroom, but it can be big enough for office space. You can easily transform the nursery into the perfect place to get your work done (in peace and quiet) by simply adding wall cabinets, vertical shelving, and a large desk.


Another great idea is to create an adults-only space where you can go to relax and decompress. By adding a bookcase along the back wall and a smaller lounge chair in the corner, you can quickly create a comfortable area to retreat in after a hard day’s work.

Games Room

Why not create a designated games room? You can add in a few comfy chairs, along with your gaming systems and have the perfect place for you and the kids to have some fun.

Extra Closet

As your toddler starts to grow, you’ll suddenly notice that there are so many clothes, books, toys, and other items that need a place to go. And when you’re short on storage, renovating the old nursery into an extra closet can give you all the space you need.

Ideas to Transform Your Nursery


One practical way to use the extra space is to transform your nursery into a playroom for your kids. We promise that you’ll enjoy the toy-free house and your children will also love having their very own room to play in.


We also recommend taking advantage of the empty room to build out another bathroom. If it’s adjacent to the master suite, you could open up the space and create your very own bathroom, or even build one out just for the kids.

When you’re ready to transform your nursery into something new and useful, we recommend contacting a professional renovation expert. At our experts can help you design the space to your needs and build it exactly as you imagine it. For more creative ideas to transform your nursery, contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427