Your Fireplace is Your Best Friend During Winter

Your Fireplace is Your Best Friend During Winter

Without a doubt your fireplace becomes your best friend during winter. With its cozy and romantic setting and reliable warmth, it’s no wonder why it’s among the favourite of home amenities.  If you’re on the fence about whether it’s a worthy investment for your home, here are just a few of the many benefits of having a fireplace in your home.

Cozy Warmth

There’s no denying how cozy a fireplace is. Fireplaces offer a warm, focal place to curl up beside with a book or loved one, or a cheerful place to gather around with your family or friends. It creates the type of cozy, inviting warmth that simply cannot be created by anything else.

Reliable Source Of Warmth When The Power Goes Out

Beyond the sultry, romantic setting that a gas fireplace offers, it’s also a very reliable and practical source of heat. When you’re hunkered down with a nasty winter storm outside and all of a sudden the electricity goes out, it could make for a very cold and uncomfortable environment until the power can be restored. But with a fireplace, you don’t have to worry. You can still keep warm and cozy with plenty of light to read a good book or find other ways to pass the time, comfortably until the power is back up and running.

Reduce Utility Costs With Efficient Zone Heating

Rather than having your heating warm every room in your home – including ones that are rarely or are never used at all – gas fireplaces offers a more efficient alternative. With zone heating, fireplaces provide heat for where you actually need it. By turning down the thermostat and allowing your fireplace to warm up the areas you need it, you can enjoy energy savings of up 40 percent. So you can keep your home warm while reducing your overall consumption and expenses.

Enhance Décor Element to Any Room

Fireplaces today are available in just about any style you can imagine, and can easily be installed in any room in your home. So whether it’s the bedroom, living room, basement or even bathroom, you can find the style you want and enhance the beauty of any area of your home.

Fireplaces give you the opportunity to reduce your consumption and become more efficient with zone heating. And beyond the benefits of your monthly heating costs, there’s simply no other appliance that can offer the kind of cozy and romantic setting that a fireplace can. So when you’re ready to crank up the coziness of your winter nights at home, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427