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Kitchen Renovation Stress

Kitchen Renovation Stress?

“Important decisions are easier when made from the comfort of your own home”   Here’s The Secret to taking the stress out of planning your kitchen renovation Ottawa Being in your home is the only way to precisely design your kitchen. It gives your renovator the opportunity to make...

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Choosing The Right General Contractor

Choosing The Right General Contractor in Ottawa

For most homeowners, the most challenging part of beginning a new renovation project is finding a professional, competent and reliable contractor. Choosing the right general contractor can make a significant difference between a successful home renovation project and a complete disaster. We understand that this is a critical first...

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Home Addition - Rough Framing

Are you running out of space in your current home, but love the location?

Are you running out of space in your current home?  If so, you deserve a stunning home addition built by the professionals.  A home addition is a major undertaking. Whether you’re planning a bump-out, converting a sunroom or garage, or adding a second story to your home, there are...

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Home Renovations that require a permit

What Home Renovations Require a Permit in Ottawa?

Home renovations, home improvements, or home remodeling are processes of improving the design and functionality of a home. It normally involves various projects which help to upgrade the existing condition of a property. Home renovations may involve the interior, exterior, or other sections of the house. Renovating a home...

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Home Renovations During Covid19

Home Renovation During Covid 19

Due to Covid-19, the world has come to a standstill. Plans which people had been waiting to execute for months had fallen apart. This crisis has undoubtedly effected home renovation projects and have abruptly paused the progress in the past. Although some countries have given the green signal for...

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Home renovation checklist

Out with the Old in With the New: Home Renovation Checklist

Do you want to expand your kitchen space or make your current basement more functional? Do you want to start over and make a whole new living space or upgrade an existing one with contemporary elements? A home renovation project can be as simple as installing new windows and...

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Home Renovation Guide

Home Renovation Guide

Basics You Need to Know About Home Renovation in Ottawa, Canada Are you planning to renovate your home for the first time – or the first time in a long time? If yes, this quick, handy Home Renovation Guide will give you the steps to follow so that your...

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Pest Problems During Renovations

How to Control Pest Problems Before During and After Renovation

Home renovation is a demanding project that may include several sub-projects that will improve the appearance and functionality of your home.  In order to efficiently carry out various activities within these renovation tasks, there are several prerequisites every homeowner needs to fulfill in advance.  Taking care of pests, such...

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Best Ideas for Home Renovations Ottawa Has Ever Seen

Has your home in Ottawa become a little stale and outdated over the years? Then it’s time to spruce things up with some fun home renovations. Remodeling is a fantastic way to mix things up and make your house feel new again. Instead of feeling bored at home, you’ll...

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Choosing the Best Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen

Best Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen Renovation

Whether you’re gearing up for a major kitchen renovation or are just looking for ways to enhance and improve the design, lighting is a key piece in any design puzzle. It plays an important role in the overall look, feel and functionality of a room. But choosing the best...

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8 Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement

8 Ideas for Your Basement Remodel

The basement was once the area of the home that was neglected and used to store old items while collecting dust. But after being stuck at home for so long during this past year, homeowners are taking stock of their unused and underappreciated space more than ever. From a...

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Increase Your Home Value on a Budget

How to Increase Your Home Value on a Budget

Looking for ways to increase your home value on a budget? We’ve gathered our top suggestions below to improve your design without breaking the bank. Basement Renovations in Ottawa Adding more useable space in the basement is actually more affordable than you might think, especially if you already have...

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