Home Renovation During Covid 19

Home Renovations During Covid19

Due to Covid-19, the world has come to a standstill. Plans which people had been waiting to execute for months had fallen apart. This crisis has undoubtedly effected home renovation projects and have abruptly paused the progress in the past. Although some countries have given the green signal for construction work, it is of utmost importance that you only get the job done by a team who understands the severity of the situation. This is why RenosGroup is here to provide you with a home renovation during Covid-19 in Ottawa.

We have been in the home renovations and remodeling industry for years. Considering how finding a reliable general contractor has become harder than ever, we are here to satisfy all your home renovation requirements and execute your plans to perfection. It is easy to go wrong with home renovations by picking the wrong contractors. Your months or even years of planning can go down the drain with a single bad decision. Moreover, you would have to bear the financial loss as well. This is why let’s see how you can make your renovation project a success.

Things to Consider When Searching for a Home Renovation Contractor

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1)  Finding Someone Trustable

This should go without saying that if you are looking to get home renovation during Covid-19, then it should be done by someone trustable. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong contractor, and in return, their investment is wasted. Before you trust a contractor, always make sure that you evaluate their previous track record. The kind of services they offer and how open they are to communication. Renovation work can go on for days, weeks, or even months. So, rather than trusting someone who does not even come close to meeting your expectations, it is better to be more careful with your decision from the start.

2)  Implementation of SOPs

There is nothing more important than your health. This is why SOPs are one thing you should never compromise upon. If you are getting a home renovation during Covid-19, your top priority should be to hire contractors who strictly follow and work according to the SOPs. Professional contractors realize the importance of implementing SOPs. RenosGroup is dedicated to not only transform your house but also prioritize the safety of you and your loved ones.

3)  Know your Needs

This is a problem that people often face during renovations. Regardless of how professional your contractor is, if you are not sure about what you are looking for, you will ultimately be disappointed by the end-results. You must at least have a vague picture in your mind of what you expect to decide on the scope of work. We are not saying that you should come up with a full blueprint. However, giving the contractors a direction to work towards alone can significantly affect the outcome and make it turn out the way you want it to.

4)  Prioritize Quality over Price

One common mistake that people make when they are planning to get their house renovated is that they get too caught up in price. While it is true that everyone would want their home remodeling project to be done in the lowest budget possible, it still should not be your only priority. It often happens that when you prioritize price too much, you end up losing sight of what truly matters the most. Sure, you will be able to save a couple hundred or thousand dollars, but in the long run, it is certainly not going to be worth it. Normally, contractors who offer their services at an incredibly low price, often either lack the experience or they cut costs somewhere else.

When you are getting your house remodeled or renovated, you want to at least go for a 5-year solution if not more. Therefore, if the price seems too good to be true, then you might have to pause for a moment and re-evaluate your decision.

5)  Expand your Search

The general rule before you get started with any renovation work is to know the market. If you directly proceed with the decision to get your house renovated, the chances are that you may miss out on much better options. Every contractor will use different building materials and have their own unique approach while working on a project. Expand your search to first understand which approach suits you the most and also get an estimate of the renovation costs.

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Why Choose RenosGroup?

You can find numerous home renovators in Ottawa. However, what makes us truly stand-out is our attention to detail. Our main aim is to exceed industry standards, and that is what helps us stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s the process we follow for all of our home improvements/remodeling jobs:

Design: Our aim at RenosGroup is to help homeowners achieve their dreams. Most of the time homeowners have a vague picture in their mind on what they are expecting in terms of design. Our goal is to turn that abstract idea into a reality and provide you with satisfactory end-results.

Plan: The most important aspect of any renovation project is planning. What truly makes us excel in what we do is that we lay out all the groundwork for the project. Having a direction is essential before you begin with any construction or remodeling job. And this is exactly what we always prioritize.

Execute: Once the groundwork is laid out, executing it to perfection is also an equally important step. However, you do not have to worry. We are going to make sure you are involved throughout the process while we complete the job professionally and efficiently.

End Result: There is no bigger dream of our team at RenosGroup than to transform the house of homeowners according to their expectations. Our main priority is to provide you with complete satisfaction, and until we have not achieved that, our job remains incomplete.

Our Approach towards Home Renovation during Covid-19

Given the circumstances, it is common for homeowners to feel reluctant nowadays while trusting home renovators. This is why here’s what makes us different in comparison to other contractors:

1)  Maintaining Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene has become more important than ever. If you are trusting us to renovate your house during a global pandemic, then you can rest assured that we would not leave any stones unturned to maintain safety measures. The team at Renosgroup is specially trained to follow the necessary SOPs while working. We make sure that throughout the time we are working in your house, we frequently sanitize ourselves so you and your loved ones can stay safe.

2)  Using Disinfectants

Another reason people feel reluctant to get their homes renovated during the pandemic is that it can be a huge hassle to disinfect the house. That is the last thing you would want to worry about every single day. Our team makes sure that at the end of the day, before we leave your house we disinfect each and every corner we have worked in so you are not stuck with that job.

3)  Maintain Social Distance

The importance of social distancing nowadays cannot be emphasized enough. Our team takes this very seriously and our top priority is to maintain a distance of 6 ft. Although mostly no one is really present in the rooms which are being renovated, so usually maintaining distance is not something you would have to worry about either way.

4)  Protective Equipment

If you still feel skeptical, then do not worry because we always make sure to come fully prepared for a renovation project. This does not only mean that we will have all the necessary equipment to carry out the construction work but also all the protective equipment to battle Covid-19.

Services we Offer

Our services are tailored according to the requirements of our clients. Here are some domains we specialize in:

1)  Home Renovations

Looking for a complete makeover of your house? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Over the years we have brought satisfaction and smiles to the face of countless homeowners. Our top priority is to proceed with every home renovation project as if we are working on our own house. It is not every day that people are able to go for a complete house makeover. This is why rest assured that your investment is going into safe hands. Whether you are looking to revamp your living space or looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property, our aim is to meet your expectations.

Our intricate attention to detail complemented with years of experience and cutting edge equipment helps us ensure that we more than meet the expectations of our clients.

2)  Bathroom Renovations

The bathrooms play an important role in a house. In fact, we even go as far as to say that they can be a deciding factor in creating and destroying the interest of buyers. However, people often neglect bathroom renovations because they end up thinking it will cost them a fortune.

If you want to transform your bathroom, then you do not have to worry because our team at RenosGroup.ca also specializes in bathroom renovations. Whether you want to get those years old slippery floorings replaced, or just want to get a few ideas, we would be more than happy to assist you. You might feel overwhelmed by looking at luxurious bathroom designs in our portfolio, but do not worry because our rates are flexible according to your budget.

3)  Kitchen Renovations

Most people prioritize kitchen renovations, and we do not blame them because, in most modern houses, the kitchen is located at the center. This means that if your kitchen does not look good, then the overall aesthetic appeal of your house can also be impacted. Due to moisture and heat, the appeal of a kitchen can quickly deteriorate. This is why if you are making plans to renovate your kitchen, then it would be our pleasure to assist you.

Whether you want to get a new countertop installed or replace your cabinets, you can expect the job to be done with maximum efficiency. Our budget kitchen renovations solutions are tailored to your preferences. Even if you are looking for a full kitchen makeover, consider it done.

4)  Basement Renovations

The basement is often one of the most neglected parts of our house. Even if you spending thousands of dollars on renovations, the chances are the basement would not even be at the bottom of your list. One of the main reasons is that contractors often do not highlight the importance of basement renovations.

Getting your basement renovated opens you to a world of perks which includes increased storage, higher property value, and most importantly, extra living space. Construction companies often cut costs when it comes to basements, this is why you never know how lousy of a job they may have done with it. From the use of low-quality material to faulty electrical wiring, these are just a couple of problems you can expect to find in your basement.

This is why choosing someone reliable such as RenosGroup for the job can enable you to fully transform your basement and enhance its functionality.

5)  Mobility Renovations

Seniors often face space restrictions and mobility issues in their homes. This leads to safety concerns while also taking away their independence. If you want your loved ones to stay safe, then your top priority should be to go for mobility renovations. Although mobility renovations are often neglected, they are extremely important especially if there are seniors in your house. Mobility renovations can be a great decision as it makes it much easier for them to move around the house without being exposed to any sort of danger.

Some of the most important parts of the house that you should consider getting renovated for mobility are the kitchen, bathroom staircases, and the exterior. These are the parts of a house that seniors frequently go to. This is why you must consult home improvement professionals such as RenosGroup to assist you so you can add ease to the lives of your loved ones.

6)  Home Additions

If you love the house you currently live in, but find yourself short on space then you do not necessarily have to move out. Home additions are a great way to increase the space and give your loved ones the necessary amenities they always dreamed of. Even in terms of budget, home additions can be much lighter on the pocket. Property value is increasing by the day, and even if you sell your current house, the chances are that you would not be able to move to your dream home. Rather than parting ways with your current house for a place you would not be satisfied with, is it not better to enhance your current living space?

With home additions, you can not only have enough space but also house additional family members. Moreover, you can add luxury to your home with home additions while staying in budget. Renosgroup.ca also specializes in home additions, this is why if you are looking to free up your living space then all you need to do is let us know your requirements.

Free In-Home Consultations

At the end of the day choosing the right contractors for home renovations can still be a difficult decision to make. We make sure to only take up jobs that we feel confident in carrying out with full efficiency. The satisfaction of our clients always stays at the top of our priority list, this is why we offer free in-home consultation. Unlike most contractors who rely on virtual consistency, we always go the extra mile. We like to see the project we would work on with our very eyes and then communicate with the homeowners to understand what they are looking for.

Each home is designed differently, this is why every home renovation project requires different assessment. Only after we have fully understood your requirements we proceed with the planning phase of the project. In case you are unable to have a clear picture of what you would like to do with your house, we are always open for a free in-home consultation to guide you.


Finding the right home renovations contractor for has become more important than ever. Apart from your investment, the health of your loved ones is also on the line, especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic that has made everything come to a standstill. This is why make sure that you entrust this important job only in the hands of experts. If you are looking for a reliable general contractor to get a home renovation during Covid-19, then the team at RenosGroup.ca would be more than happy to assist you! Our solutions are tailored according to the requirements of our clients, so whether you want to make subtle changes to your living space, or completely remodel your house, we have got you covered. Do not let your budget hold you back. Get in touch with us, or give us a call at (613) 727-9427 to get a quote and turn your dream home into a reality.

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