Home Renovations: 5 Signs You’ve Run Into DIY Trouble

5 Signs You’ve Run Into DIY Trouble

There is a proud history in Canada of do-it-yourself, or DIY home renovations. Saving a lot of money by not hiring a professional and picking up a number of useful skills in the process, DIY projects can vary in size and scope. While some may be as small as retiling a surface, others may include gutting, insulating, and converting a space like an attic into a fully useful room. Regardless, getting the job will require having the right skills and mindset, along with the right equipment. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to look at five signs that you’ve run into DIY trouble. When these things happen, it may be time to call the professional.


With a DIY project, costs are supposed to be relatively low. Instead of paying a professional, you are taking your own time to work on your house. If the actual costs begin far exceeding the expected cost you worked out at the beginning, then you may be in trouble. As some mistakes can set you back even further, it may be time to hire a knowledgeable home renovation contractor.


While you may be able to tackle a DIY problem yourself, it will take you more time than it would a professional. Assigning a dollar amount to every hour you spend, how much time is really being saved by doing it yourself? In addition, any obstacles or problems might significantly increase the time the project takes.

Unforeseen Problems

While you most certainly didn’t plan to flood your home, sometimes DIY projects can cause damage to other parts of the house, costing you money. A professional home renovation contractor, on the other hand, will be able to identify these things before they become full-blown problems.


Certain DIY jobs around the house are incredibly complicated, requiring a firm understanding of home renovations in order to do right. If you have arrived at this point and further research isn’t helping, then you may have DIY trouble.

No Joy

An interest and excitement in DIY projects help make them possible. If you are at the point when doing work to a particular part of your house brings you no joy or excitement, then you are more liable to make mistakes. Instead of spending your time on something you do not want to do, why not hire a professional? Along with guaranteeing the quality of the work it will afford you the opportunity to take some time for yourself.

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