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Kitchen Renovation (Partial) – Draper Ave, Ottawa

Marie and I are having a great time renovating one of our favorite real estate agent’s property. He has asked us to do a partial kitchen renovation, including replacing his countertop, sink, faucet, tile backsplash, some plaster repairs on ceiling and side walls in both kitchen and bathroom and to replace 2 light fixtures in kitchen and 1 in bathroom.

We found wires shoved in behind the kitchen fan with an unprotected wire splice which created a few burn marks on certain parts of the wire that must have touched……..WOW….perhaps a good reason to hire a reputable company to do your work???

All and all not too many complications, was a little more work than anticipated replacing the drywall with Denshield. There is a concrete cinderblock wall between the condo units which the drywall was glued onto so as you can imagine it was coming off in little chunks lol. We got it all cleaned up and used concrete screws to adhere the new tile backerboard (Denshield) to the cinderblock wall.

Installed new laminate kitchen countertop so we would have an accurate starting point for the tile backsplash. Of course the old cabinets are no where near level so we started our tile a row from the bottom with a nice straight line from our laser level. Knowing that we are working with a white tile and white grout we were sure to buy a white thinset (not the traditional grey stuff) and to thoroughly clean out the joints between tiles where thinset can squeeze out from under the tile when installing. Gout was installed and looks perfect.

After grouting was complete we cleaned up the countertop and installed the double kitchen sink, single lever kitchen faucet, 2 ball bearing shut-off valves for the water supply lines and re-did the drain under the sink for both sinks and the dishwasher.

We still have some minor plaster touches to do, paint the kitchen ceiling and install the kitchen light fixtures…….which we should get all tied up by end of day today 🙂