Your Next Kitchen Renovation, Avoid It Being A Financial Devastation

Kitchen renovations get get complicated, learning the risks can help you to steer clear of the wrong contractor

Kitchen Renovation Financial Devastation

Hiring contractors from Kijiji can lower your up front costs, but that’s just it… many cases they end up costing you more.  Avoid kitchen renovation financial devastation.  Too many stories out there of contractors disappearing after collecting the initial payment or having pay another contractor to come in to fix the first contractors mistakes.

Going with the professional is the safe way to keep you costs down and keeping your home in one piece.  A reputable kitchen renovation company will be able to deal with any issues as they arise and they typically offer a wider range of services.

Kitchen renovations are our specialty, our carpenters enjoy these projects the most.  We have a network of excellent interior designers, plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians

Kitchen renovation companies with expensive showrooms typically push you to spend more and many don’t offer free site visit and quote.  The cost difference between the Kijiji contractor and high end kitchen showrooms leaves a middle area where homeowners aren’t being serviced.

Kitchen Renovation Financial Devastation

Ironically RenosGroup fits right into the middle area.  Our pricing aims to be that “middle quote”.  Free in home quotes allows us to be more accurate in our price by looking for potential problem areas while at the client’s home.  Getting accurate measurements is also quite helpful in keeping our quotes accurate.

We offer a detailed, informative and easy to use online product showroom, you can shop from the comfort of your own home

If anyone in the household has any kind of mobility limitations there are many new products and services that can make life much easier.

When it comes to mobility renovations you really want to ensure you hire a company that knows all of the ADA specifications.  RenosGroup is experienced in installing ADA compliant products and can handle any customizations

Don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 to get your free in home consultation for your new kitchen renovation.

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