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Your Next Kitchen Renovation, Avoid It Being A Financial Devastation

Every Year Thousands of Home Owners are Financially Devastated by a Poorly Planned Kitchen Renovation

Understanding the risks and solutions to your kitchen renovation will protect you from hiring the wrong company

If you’re planning on renovating your entire kitchen you may be tempted to hire an independent contractor or a jack-of-all-trades to keep your costs down. Unfortunately, these individuals are often mediocre at many things and experts at nothing. Remember…just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s a deal!

Hiring a professional kitchen renovator is your best bet at keeping your costs down and protecting your home. A professional kitchen renovation company can provide every service you need and will always be prepared for potential obstacles that may arise, like discovering a rotten floor or mold hidden behind a wall when replacing your sink.

RenosGroup.ca specializes in all aspects of kitchen renovations (page). We employ a team of professionals for every job from designers to carpenters to plumbers, and we never contract out any of our projects.

Kitchen Renovations Ottawa - RenosGroup.ca

Kitchen Renovations Ottawa – RenosGroup.ca

Most kitchen renovation companies want you to replace everything in your kitchen when partial renovations may be the solution you truly need. The few companies who do offer complete renovation services don’t offer low cost options due to the high overhead tied up in their expensive show rooms.

Kitchen Renovations Ottawa - RenosGroup.ca

Kitchen Renovations Ottawa – RenosGroup.ca

The massive cost difference between the expensive show room companies and the jack-of-all-tradesmen creates confusion and frustration for home owners.

RenosGroup.ca has stepped into the gap as one of the only mid-priced full service kitchen renovator in Ottawa. Our free in home consultations will give you a more reliable cost estimate because it helps us to correctly prepare for your specific project. Once we’ve measured and poked around in the renovation space we’ll be able to better implement the designer’s plan and anticipate where problems may arise. Our advance preparation strategy is what allows us to work cleaner, faster, smarter and more efficiently than other renovation specialists.

Making us even more tempting is our portable show room. Allowing you to see our products right in your home. We even have our own interior designer to help you match colours and fixtures bringing out the warmth and comfort you want your home to exude.

If you or a member of your household has mobility limitations you may need to have specific renovations done to your kitchen and/or your home. It is imperative you have a professional make these renovations for you to ensure the proper weight specifications are accounted for and future mobility issues are taken into consideration. An independent contractor will not plan for further mobility limiting problems you or your loved ones may encounter.

Our team of kitchen renovators are experts in installing mobility limitation products for any age group and almost every conceivable disability. Your free in-home consultation is designed to give us the information we need to install the correct products, in the appropriate location within your home. We’ll also take into consideration future limitation problems you may encounter so you won’t have to go through another expensive renovation down the road.

Contact us today for your free in home consultation, and discover why RenosGroup.ca is your only choice for creating your perfect Kitchen.

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