Living through Renovations

Living through Renovations

Even the simplest renovations can cause extreme chaos in your home, but if you plan ahead and mentally prepare you should be well equipped for the transition. Here are several tips to help you survive living through renovations:


Where to Live


It is important to look at the renovation plans and consider if it is realistic to remain in your home during the work. For example if you have a basement renovation it might not be quite as disruptive as a kitchen or main floor overhaul. Speak to your contractor to find out what is involved and for major renovations decide if it makes better sense to make other living arrangements. Keep in mind other arrangements could prove just as stressful. Weigh all of your options and maybe decide to take a well-planned vacation when the majority of the dirty work is underway.


Reorganize your Living Space


Look at where the renovations will take place and consider how it will affect your day to day life. Remember to plan where you will prepare food and do the dishes if your kitchen is being renovated. If you only have one bathroom and are determined to stay home during the renovations you will hopefully have a very close neighbour to share their shower or a nearby gym where you can take care of your daily showering needs.


Avoid Dust


This is one of the biggest challenges. Your best friends during renovations are tape and sheets of plastic. Use these to seal off the area that is undergoing the renovation to keep dust contained.


Hire Smart


The more experience your contractor has the less troublesome your renovations will be. A good contractor will keep things as comfortable and livable as possible as well as complete the job on schedule to make life easier.


Shop Early


You will need a number of fixtures and finishes during the renovations. Anticipate what you will need by speaking to your contractor. He can list the amount of light fixtures, faucets, switch plates and other finishes you will need so you can shop ahead to avoid delays.


Plan for Trouble


They say a pessimist is never disappointed. Renovations are complicated so be prepared for challenges in order to avoid stress when trouble arises.

Being better prepared for your renovations will make it easier on everyone and help the overall project run more smoothly.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.