Mobility Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Featherston Drive

Mobility Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Featherston Drive


Bathroom renovations are a key part of any home renovation, and this is especially critical when you have people with different or special needs living with you. To make sure your bathroom renovation is a smooth process for you, Renosgroup makes sure to have the best team ready to tackle your project.

One such job was performed by the Renosgroup was done specifically for a mobility bathroom renovation at Featherston Drive, Ottawa. Our client was friendly and cooperative, stating their exact needs to ensure a very smooth process. The client had a disabled dependent who loved to splash around in the bathtub, so they asked us to waterproof the bathroom.

To start off, we replaced the bathtub as well as the faucet with a hand shower. Alongside this, we also added custom-made acrylic walls all around, as well as the ceiling. This helped us not only with the waterproofing of the bathroom but also gave it bathroom a much-needed complete look.

After this, we installed a shower drain in the center of the bathroom to cater to the splashing drainage. The new tiled floor installed was sloped slightly towards the drain to ensure water flows directly into the drain. With all this, we also wanted to make sure accessibility is a priority and hence installed a 3-panel tub to allow for easier access to the bathtub with two safety bars installed further to make it as safe as possible.

Furthermore, we installed another toilet that was much higher with an oversized toilet seat for ease of transfer and thus would be much easier to use as well. A pull-down safety rail was also installed between the toilet and the bathtub to allow easier use of both fixtures.

To make sure the place looked complete, we added a vanity with a beautiful countertop in a complementing color and, lastly, gave the final touches with a medicine cabinet and a light fixture. With the following changes done, the bathroom became much safer and more waterproof, allowing our client to feel fully comfortable.

If you, too, are on the lookout for a bathroom that ticks all your requirements and is a lot like the mobility bathroom renovation at Featherston Drive, Ottawa. You can reach out to the Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for further details.


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