The Pros And Cons Of Home Renovation Versus A Home Addition

The Pros And Cons Of Home Renovation Versus A Home Addition

Home renovation is a popular pastime in Canada. With the rise of DIY work, many homeowners have taken remodeling and renovation into their own hands, making necessary improvements that not only update dated designs but also potentially increase value by adding additional square footage. Another option many homeowners struggle with is the idea of home additions. While more intensive than remodeling work, home additions can provide space that would otherwise not be there. Let’s take a moment to review the pros and cons of each while examining cost, time, and need.

1. Cost

Generally speaking, a home addition will cost more than home remodeling. This is because an expansion will require the building of a support structure, exterior, and roofing. Renovation, on the other hand will be significantly less as the walls and ceiling will already be established. While the addition of a window may influence the exterior of the house, the costs will still be generally lower.

That being said, not all home additions have to be expensive. Some families utilize existing decks to become the baseboards for an expansion, saving on the costs of building work required. However, when considering the labour, the supply costs, and any permits you are looking to get, the costs can run generally high.

2. Time

Home renovations generally take less time than home additions. One of the chief reasons for this comes down to labour. With a home renovation, you may be able to do the majority of the work on your own schedule, completing the task quickly or slowly. However, with home additions, you will often have to rely on other people, like contractors to come in on their schedule to help get the work done. This can raise additional problems especially if the seasons are less than ideal and expansion work exposes an interior part of your home.

3. Need

Home renovations can only go so far when it comes to fulfilling your need or the needs of potential buyers. A small house will still be small, even if you knock out walls and open the space up. While renovation work may require less time and money, it does not provide the same versatility that an expansion would provide. Along with increasing the footprint of the house, an expansion can be done in such a way as to provide space where it is needed the most, making everything more open as a result.

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